View Full Version : Feel more anxious on duloxetine at first?

10-01-14, 11:45
I've been taking duloxetine 60mg for a few days - does it make you feel achy/more anxious to start with?

This med is supposed to be good for panic/anxiety?

Anyone else had success with it?


13-01-14, 19:14
I haven't taken this particular medication, but it seems that most antidepressants make you feel more anxious when you first start taking them. They can also make you more sensitive to the effects of caffeine and alcohol, particularly in the early stages. Give it a month or two and the side effects will have likely settled down by then.

14-01-14, 15:58
I was on duloxetine for over 4 months.

My anxiety went sky high for the first week or two, tailed off a bit, and as I was ready to give on them, they kicked in after about 4 weeks.

They stopped working for me after 4 months, but that's just how I seem to go with medication, your experience will no doubt be different.