View Full Version : Anyone taken Fleet?

16-01-14, 09:40
I have a colonoscopy tomorrow and wondering if anyone has taken Fleet orally? I'm always worried about taking medication and standing here with it in my hand too scared to take it :(

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Or do you have to take the second dose even if after the bowel movements are clear?

16-01-14, 11:14
You need to take both doses at the times specified and don't be too far away from the loo after you have taken them :)

16-01-14, 11:15
I think most people that have had one of these procedures has taken it to be honest.

Follow the instructions you were given on when to take it and stay near a loo all day!

16-01-14, 15:24
Ok thanks. It's just with the first dose I was nearly sick so was worried that the second dose will. I will never drink lemon and ginger tea again as that is the flavour lol!

16-01-14, 15:26
I have to say that it did make me sick but I guess it has to empty everything out one way or the other :)