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20-01-14, 02:13
I have posted about this in a previous thread but am getting very anxious about what is going on! Basically I had my ATOS medical on the 9th of Jan and haven't heard anything about it yet, which I wasn't really expecting to.

Now today I have seen in my account that I've got an unexpected payment of 534 coming in from DWP. Normally I get 143 every two weeks. Does this mean I have failed my medical and they will be taking me off benefits and this is my final payment? Or what does it mean?

I'm very nervous about ringing them to find out what's going on as I'm not good with talking to people on the phone. I'm just surprised to have this payment without any contact from them. If anyone can shed any light on this I would appreciate it. My anxiety is on overload at the moment wondering what it means and I'm assuming it means I've failed:weep: If anyone can help has had something similar happen to them I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you

20-01-14, 10:13
If you have a partner or someone else that can ring and explain that you're very anxious and can't talk over the phone.You will obviously need to be present and they will ask you to confirm your name , date of birth national insurance number etc just for security reasons. Surely you're ok to do this ??
I don't have any problems over the phone talking so easy for me to say
Last year my neighbour was in a state because she hadn't received her sickness benefit , I telephoned them (DWP) and explained , she was sat beside me and they just wanted her to confirm all those details before passing me back over.They didn't have a problem with this

The only way you will get a definite answer is to speak to them or wait for a letter with the outcome of the medical
Good luck with it