View Full Version : how does anxiety effect the unborn baby?

21-01-14, 06:58
I'm 11weeks pregnant and just started a new job. I'm so scared I've made a mistake with something at work but my husband says I can't have because of what I've told him. So anxious - been a week now. Does anxiety have an impact on the pregnancy? I was on citalopram but stopped a year ago to get pregnant and have been ok up until now with only the odd glitch. What can I do? :-(

24-02-14, 08:52
Congratulations on your pregnancy firstly!

I'd recommend going to visit your GP and talking about it :) They also want what is bst for the baby and can help you find ways to manage your anxiety throughout the pregnancy.

25-02-14, 11:39
Congrats X

Yes it does! I discoverd I was pregnant March last year 2013 BUT 2011 breakdown out of no where ( i know why )severe panic attacks ad to quit my post grad studies & people have always perceived me as a very strong confident person. So that tells u how bad I was. I ended up agrophobic 6 mths. Would only by neccesity drive less than a mile for sch run & run in and out of tesco forgetting many items - was a nervous wreck!

So back to last year surprise 3 rd pregnancy & I was in a much better place than previous years! Obviously in uk the midwives go through all medical history etc & she recommended CBT if I thought I needed it BUT again by time I had it ( as she said ) baby prob born due to waiting lists - SO I declined.

I had a clot at 9 weeks ambulance came , I had 2 months of severe sickness morning through till night! Easter I was bed bound my poor kid had to fend r themselves most of the day. Then summer was ok but I had a couple of bad migraines, stressor my daughter starting secondary school, hubby took voluntary redundancy & by the time autumn set in I was sooooooo wound up I didn't harly go anywhere, visual disturbances & severe pelvic pain!!!!!

So labour 3 days up down from hospital triage, sent home with waters broken ( my story on here in more detail) anyway by the time baby born on fri 22nd November 2013 I was convinced I was going to die and I came home Saturday & woke up to feed baby &i couldn't breath!! Panic set in made it soooooo worse!

I THINK - anxiety therefore did affect my labour! And baby! My other 2 labours soooo much easier on the day I got twinges they were born! And coinsidently I had my other 2 kids before I was a GAD sufferer!

3 months on NOW - after all the winter bugs and my baby already 14 wks this Friday I feel like I wished my pregnancy away so much - I've missed out! I also feel sad by the labour and birthing experience on the back of my bad pregnancy! Sat here now happy it's over BUT ONCE AGAIN robbed by panic/anxiety !!!

Get all the help u can