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21-01-14, 22:21
I am marrying my partner of 20 years this April. We have been together since we were 16 years old so I thought it was about time! :D

As with most things in my life the last 10 years or so, anxiety is having it's part to play in the wedding preparations of course. I have been thinking about standing up in front of everyone with eyes on us, doing a speech in front of 120 people etc. But I am determined to overcome these fears and do it.

I have always wanted to write a song for my Rebecca and last week I did. I have decided that I am going to perform this song on the stage in the reception hall and dedicate it to her at our wedding. I am nervous but i'm going through with it! The words say everything I want to say about this lady and how I feel about our journey together from age 16 to now.

I am nervous about how the performance will go and the reaction from people but hope it goes down well!:unsure:

Link removed as wedding guests and friends are visiting my soundcloud page and I want to avoid them and my other half listening to it before April! Want it to be a surprise !!


Daisy Sue
21-01-14, 23:18
Aw it's lovely! She'll absolutely love it :) Well done!

22-01-14, 08:18
Craig that is so lovely! I woke up this morning feeling anxious and depressed and listening to your song has really cheered me up. It is beautiful Craig, truly beautiful!

22-01-14, 08:36
Thanks Daisy Sue and Annie.

Annie, i'm really happy now that something i've done has made someone else happy! Everyone's happy!! Yaaay!!!:yahoo:

22-01-14, 14:09
:D I have to say, my day has been made much better by hearing your song. Your partner is one lucky lady having you write and sing something so special for her :)

21-02-14, 06:44
Soooo romantic!