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18-11-06, 13:49
can anyone tell me symptoms of bloated tummy, mine ballons out and feels tight and feels like i have to take deep breaths, getting me worried.

18-11-06, 13:59
I feel and look 6 months pregnant with mine.

It is really uncomfortable and does feel tight like you describe. I can't bear any clothes touching it so sometimes I sit around at home in just a t-shirt and no trousers!

I have been put on a low fibre diet by the doctor to see if that helps and it does seem to be helping.

Keep a food diary and make a note of everything that makes you worse. So far I have found bread, pasta, dried fruit, nuts, some fruit and veg.

I also have an appointment with a dietician in December to find out what it is that I am eating that is causing this.


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18-11-06, 14:27
I get this a lot.
Its horrendous and sometimes i feel like i can't breath properly because its so tight, almost like theres a massive belt around my stomach. Its not painful just really uncomforable.
I went to the doctors and they told me IBS, i'm not so sure since i have NO other IBS symptoms.


18-11-06, 20:25
I do have IBS and this is one of the symptoms I get from time to time, I havnt found anything that solves it but it does seem to clear up after a few days

18-11-06, 23:28
I get this if I have too many complex carbs like bread, potatoes, rice and pasta, don't know if it is thw wheat or what, it is better if i don't have them, but i just love my bread and chips.

Take care

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18-11-06, 23:59
Hi There,

I suffer with this to often daily. I look like a puffer fish Pip's at times! [:O]LOL Tis very uncomfortable. "Ditto to Nic also I couldn't have described it better myself." I have tried lots of things but can't seem to find the real cause.[Sigh...]

I also suffer with IBS which doesn't help.

I am reading a book at the moment which I got from the library called. BANISH THE BLOATING - BY SUZANNAH OLIVIER. It has some helpful tips.

Peppermint Fennel and charcoal can help with bloating.

Take Care,;)

Love Pip's X X


19-11-06, 00:39

Are we talking 'upper stomach' ie just below the ribcage or round the waist line?

If we are talking upper stomach, I have this problem at times but only if eating a full or stodgy meal. My doctor has asked my to try 'domperidone' if I know I am about to eat a full meal. It seems to make a difference and I must admit I've not suffered once since taking them - although I am wary of eating large meals these days just to be safe.

They work by enabling the stomach to pass food through quicker. I believe they tighten the inlet, slacken the outlet and help to restore the stomach's natural rhythmn - or something like that :D

I only take them 'as required' and not on a daily basis.

I've found that they are available now without prescription under the name of Motilium. http://www.motilium.co.uk/

As always - carefully read the instructions or better still take advice from your doctor first.


19-11-06, 21:38
Sounds like IBS to me too - the range of symptoms that IBS produces would surprise you, so perhaps even if you dont have the most obvious symptoms like constipation or diahorrea, you might be lethargic, headachy etc?
I'm not a doctor [Duh!] but I have had IBS for years and used to get that pregnant look alot! Its very uncomfortable.
Also do you know about Candida? Look it up - it can make you feel bad in your tummy and lots of other things.

REMEMBER - Neither of these are serious, fatal illnesses! They just need a little bit of management and CANNOT HARM YOU!!!

Hope this helps you x x x

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11-03-09, 10:10
try drinking apple cider vinegar for bloating, it really works..1 to 2 tsps. apple cider vinegar in 8 0z glass of purified water..3 times daily--morning, mid-morning and mid-afternoon...I've been having bloatedness for 5 years now, and i don't want to drink medicine (motilium,ranitidin,maalox etc...) -- hot water, eating an apple, exercise, apple cider vinegar, water with crushed ginger really help me..take care ;)

11-03-09, 10:43
peppermint tea helps bloating. xxx