View Full Version : Feeling strange 24 hours after endoscopy?

26-01-14, 00:22
To be honest the camera didn't get past my collar bone because I panicked and pulled it out so the test had to be cancelled.

Last night I had no problems however tonight I have started to feel a raw feeling in my throat when breathing, breathlessness and I have painful swollen lymph nodes in my neck and sudden tiredness.

I'm wondering whether to go to the on call doctors?

31-01-14, 09:24
Hi Katiex, I hope you managed to resolve this and that all is well. I am interested to know if you had sedation with the procedure and also if you had a trusted person accompany you would it have been better or worse? I have an ongoing post and petition going in the hope of the health services changing the way they care for patients. Obviously if you have been referred for the procedure you need to have it done for good reasons but that also means that you should be allowed to be as comfortable and happy with the procedure as possible.

31-01-14, 10:51
If you pulled it out Katie you may have irritated your throat a bit. If it isn't feeling any better I would check with your doctor. Do you need to have it done again? I was sedated for mine and don't remember anything about it except being told to swallow :)