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27-01-14, 21:23
Hi all

Does anyone on here use a chat room on another website?

If so, is it a good one?

We are looking to get a non-java based chat room but we also need it to have an add-on for moderating chat (for quiz night).

It needs to run on mobile devices as well - phones & tablets.

The one we are currently looking at is called "123flashchat" but we need to look at others as well.

Please post here if you can help.


Cú Chulainn
28-01-14, 00:19
What about Realchat?
I've used the demo version for work projects but I think the real thing is quite pricey.
Presentation wise it is quite nice.
You can download the demo for free if you want to give it a try.
Hope this helps.

28-01-14, 00:22
Thanks for the reply.

Realchat is what we use now and it is Java based so won't run on mobile devices.

28-01-14, 05:50
I am not technical but many football sites have a chat room which is open to any logged in member during a live game being shown on TV or a stream.You just join in if you want to.Also on some you can leave comments in the chat room without being a member of the site,though I presume you don't want that.
I don't understand why one has to wait 5 days to be allowed to be a Chat Room user as anyone can join NMP and post straight away.
I don't envy you running this site Nic, as you will never please everyone,but it is amazing on a daily basis the amount of members on line against guests, which is often 20 fold.(guests)

I will enquire further re the Chat Room.

As an aside some are more computer literate than others (I am hopeless ) and I somehow managed to get rid of Java and though looking at the instructions how to reintroduce it and make NMP a safe sight unfortunately I don't have the know how to do it.:huh:

28-01-14, 10:03
Heya Ronny,

The 5 day waiting period is mainly due to the amount of spammers and Member we had just joining up to spam the chat room or join to be abusive to the members.

If it is on the forum we can see it just about straight away and deal with the problem immediately whereas in the chat room there is not always someone present who can deal with it. We find that the 5 day waiting time puts spammers and these people off joining up just for that.

We can and do however (in just about all cases) give people early chat access if they contact us and they needed.

Give me a PM if you need any help re. Java


29-01-14, 17:01
perhaps make the chatroom IRC based and use many of the flash based chat clients for IRC.

IRC gives you alot of control as well as setting up bots for quizzes etc... if you need help let me know i've set up a fair few of them... This would also benefit me as I'm a linux user and java seems to hate my OS. and at times i seriously need to chat!! :(

Let me know...

29-01-14, 17:34
Surely 40 members could spare a fiver each and its sorted and many more people would feel comfortable and enjoy the facility.

30-01-14, 00:18
If my suggestion, IRC is used along with a Flash, HTML based or Javascript based client there would be no fee's to run the chatroom as IRC is open source. You can use all sorts of clients with IRC... on phones, pc's, web browsers and lots more.

You can also assign admins so you can control the chat (kick, ban etc) and if you want to get really technical you can add bots who take care of the room to make sure no one floods it or curses or does anything else bad.

They could also be used to run your quiz nights...

IMO, IRC is the way for you guys to go and as I've mentioned to one of your admins, I am a web developer and technically minded. Fully willing to help if any help is needed...


30-01-14, 00:22
We don't like IRC much to be honest and it is quite hard to use as I understand it but I will have a look at how it has changed over the years.

21-02-14, 12:33
Hi Nicola I use the chat on anxietyzone I don't now whst chat it is I can use it in my iphone and that's as much as I no kind regards Vicky

21-02-14, 13:14
ok thanks Vicky. Is it any good?

22-02-14, 00:26
I don't like the interface it is not user friendly and how can members know all the / commands

25-02-14, 11:02
Have you looked at the Chat Avenue website, Nicola? I've quickly looked at the website but haven't used their chatrooms. I mention Chat Avenue because it's accessible on mobiles and Ipads alike.

10-03-14, 19:12
I ran a chat room on 123Flashchat a few years back. There was a cost but the support was excellent and it was reasonably simple to integrate into a Joomla site so that users just had one registration point.

Prior to 123Flashchat I ran on tufat(dot)com's Flashchat script. The bot in this script was excellent :)

10-03-14, 19:43
We have been looking at 123Flashchat in close detail and we are not sure about the moderation on there as we need it mainly for our quiz nights

20-03-14, 19:06
Hi Nicola sorry didn't realise you asked me a question yeh it's brill and having that is a huge benefit it's has all tbe other things no more panic has only difference Is I can use the chat on anxietyzone and I can't on no more panic :( x