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28-01-14, 17:58
Hi there,

I'm new here and it's making me anxious writing but really need some advice.

I'm 34, have a working diagnosis of a rapid cycling bipolar with generalised anxiety disorder. I am currently off meds for the bipolar and would be feeling quite normal if the GAD hadn't started to take over my life. It's making me so ill. I feel like I have the flu, I have these jittery shakes on and off, weakness in hands/legs, stomach pains, dizzyness etc. The symptons have been so bad that i've had an ambulance out twice and been to doctors countless times thinking it's neurological.

These last few days have got so bad that I've got severe back ache from what I think is tension.
My P Doc has given me some options and I really don't know where to go. I can take Quetiapine (25/50mg XR) PRN or use for a few days to try and settle the nerves or use Diazepam at a low dose. I had Quetiapine previously for bipolar when had a full breakdown and it just used to knock me clean out. But not sure if used for anxiety?

Does anyone have any experience of either just to get through this bad spell? I am also trying lots of self help from Claire Weeks advice and affirmations etc but I feel the condition is too far out of control for these measures to work as yet. Once i started trying to ignore the problem then my mind just kept whizzing that around. I also had a really bad dream which caused anxiety. So as I am trying to consciously push it away it's bringing it back.

Be interested to hear from anyone. Feeling very isolated and terrified at the moment. All the CPN's tend to advise is breath. Well breathing doesn't work when I'm this bad.


28-01-14, 19:46
I take both read my post below yours x

28-01-14, 20:38
Thanks Tristan. It's silly I've had it before but just too scared to take anything now :(. How are you getting on with it? x