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29-01-14, 20:46
It is with great regret and sympathy that we must announce the untimely death of one of our long standing members.

Granny Primark/loopy Lynn or just plain Lynn passed away in hospital at 4.50pm this evening after suffering from pneumonia.

She was a great friend to many on No More Panic and would always take time to befriend and help people.

All of the No More Panic Administrators and Chat moderators send their condolences to her family at this very sad time.

Life brings tears, smiles and memories. The tears dry, the smile fades, but the memories live on forever.

Rest In Peace Lynn you will be sadly missed

29-01-14, 20:48
Sad news :weep: RIP Lynn

29-01-14, 20:50
Such sad news, rest in peace Lynn, we hadn't spoken for a very long time, but I have fond memories, sleep tight xx

29-01-14, 20:51
Rest in Peace. May the happy memories stay with those who loved her

29-01-14, 20:51
This is such a big shock. I am heartbroken :( Thank you for sharing Nicola. Lynn has been such a good friend, I am so sad to hear this news.

29-01-14, 20:53
Such sad news.

Lynn and I helped each other out alot, by phone.


My thoughts/condolences go out to Lynn's family at this sad time.

29-01-14, 20:53
Rip granny primark u were a brill mate and I gonna miss u loads but I know u will be back with your mum .one day we will meet again xxxxxxx

29-01-14, 20:55
Rest in Peace our granny primark. Such a terrible shock.

macc noodle
29-01-14, 21:00
RIP Lynn - a supporter to many and I will remember her help when I was really low when I joined NMP .

Love and strength to her family at this sad time xxxxx

29-01-14, 21:01
This is such sad news.

My thoughts are with her family at this sad time.



29-01-14, 21:06
rip my beautiful best mate you wasnt just a mate and a supporter to me you was a second mom like i was like a second daughter to you love you lynn and rip and fly with the angels they got another angel up there now look after all the others up there i know you will

29-01-14, 21:06
Such sad news, my thoughts and prayers go out to all her friends and family, may you rest in peace x x

29-01-14, 21:07
This was the news that I did not want to hear. As Nic says Lynn was a long standing member of NMP. She would always try to help everybody and wasn't afraid to stand up for what she believed in. She helped me a lot and I shall miss her greatly. Dear Lynn I know that you are at peace now and in Gods hands. EJ.

29-01-14, 21:09
what a shock :weep:

Rest in peace Lynn

you will be sadly missed by many x

29-01-14, 21:12
God bless such awful news night night your in my prayers xx

29-01-14, 21:15
I met Lynn at a NMP meet-up some years ago and there are a couple of pictures of her here:


29-01-14, 21:17
RIP Lyn. My condolences to the family.

29-01-14, 21:23
I am so saddened by this news today. RIP Lynn. Prayers sent up for you and your heartbroken family and friends.

29-01-14, 21:24
That's just awful, so very sad. I didn't know Lynn for long myself & our paths only crossed a few times but something that has always come across about her on here is how well liked she was.
It's like belonging to one huge family here & the sadness felt when something as tragic as this happens so someone so valued, goes right through the whole site and is felt i am sure by very member.
I do feel so very sad that such a valued and cherished person has been lost to this world, not just for the lovely members she befriended and supported here but most especially to her family.
I am stunned, truly stunned..........

29-01-14, 21:25
rip so sad to hear that

29-01-14, 21:25
So sorry to hear this news xx r.i.p in God's care now. Xx

29-01-14, 21:26
Very sad news, Lynn was always great entertainment with her humour, and a friendly, lovely person. Rest in Peace Lynn xx

29-01-14, 21:30
Such sad news my thoughts are with her family and friends.
RIP granny primark

29-01-14, 21:31

29-01-14, 21:44
RIP Lynn, you will be sadly missed :( xxx

29-01-14, 21:45
Oh no such sad news

RIP Lynn

mandie x

29-01-14, 21:53
I met Lynn at a NMP meet-up some years ago and there are a couple of pictures of her here:


Lovely pictures :-)

29-01-14, 21:59
Dear Nic please let us know if there is anything Lynn's family might want us to do? Whether they want us to donate to a charity in her memory. I'm sure she would have liked that? EJ

29-01-14, 22:03
Lynn was a fan of Show Tunes and Susan Boyle.

29-01-14, 22:07
I have lost a best friend today. Words fail me. I am so very sorry

Catherine S
29-01-14, 22:12
As a fairly new member I never got to meet Lynn on the forum but it seems that she was very well loved. Had she been ill a long time? RIP x

29-01-14, 22:14
I am very sad and shocked to hear the news about our lovely supportive and uplifting friend Granny P.

My thouhts go out to her family and friends at this time. Sleep in peace Granny, you will be sorely missed xxx

29-01-14, 22:22
my dear ,dear lynn and your lovely hubbie too . hey we were the old gang weren't we.. I cant believe you are gone .What a woman..Mother ..grandmother ,wife..i am in shocj and speechless at the moment ,But i raise a glass to you ..senf my love to you and your hubbie ..and thank you for all the chats and advice over the years. we were going to meet up at threntham gardens werent we? Well i think i will go with whoever else wants to ..and just remeber how bloody brave you wwre that day ..all of us were . Goodnight anf God bless you ..say hi to Karen ..sleep tight my friend ..love always Paddie .xxxxx

29-01-14, 22:37
So so sad. I remember Lynn from when I first joined NMP.

We come and go on NMP through various stages of this condition
but we never forget people that have touched our hearts and Lynn
certainly did that with many members.

It's a sad day all round and my heart goes out to Lynn and her loved

RIP doll


29-01-14, 22:41
Gracious Spirit of thy goodness hear our anxious prayer take Granny's loved ones who are suffering neath thy tender care, loving father hear us hear us. Gracious Spirit of thy goodness hear our anxious prayer may thy presence shed a healing ray loving father hear us hear us. Gracious Spirit should'st thou claim them be there light and guide lead them to the heavenly kingdom safely by your side loving father hear us hear us! Little prayer for you Granny and your loved ones God Bless :weep:

29-01-14, 22:52
RIP Lynn :( such sad news xx

29-01-14, 23:04
I never had the chance to talk to her but heard many good things about her from others.
Thoughts are with her family. Such sad news.

29-01-14, 23:05
Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear this. Didn't really know her but always saw her posts on here, and she seemed lovely.

RIP. Thoughts to all her family and friends. Xxx

Daisy Sue
29-01-14, 23:11
Oh no :( I'm so sorry to read this very sad news. RIP Granny Primark, and strength & condolences to her family.x

29-01-14, 23:17
Such sad sad news. Lynn you will be missed by so many. You were always there and so supportive. My heart goes out to your family. Rest in peace beautiful Angel. Xxxx

29-01-14, 23:17
RIP Granny Primark, condolences to her family.xx

29-01-14, 23:28
Rest in peace Granny Primark , I never knew you but it seems you were such a kind and helpful soul, I'll add you and your family into my prayers tonight :weep:

29-01-14, 23:40
Such sad news. RIP Lynn xx

29-01-14, 23:51
R.I.P granny primark you be sadly missed on nmp my thoughts go out to your family and friends,you helped me out so much over the years and i will never forget that sweet dreams my love xxx :emot-crying:

30-01-14, 00:41
RIP Lynn....you made me smile when I first joined and was at my lowest xxx

30-01-14, 00:54
Thanks for Sharing Nicola,

my thoughts are with the family at this sad time.

30-01-14, 01:48
Such a tragic loss - my thoughts and prayers are with Lynn and her family at this terrible time :weep:

blue moon
30-01-14, 02:34
My Prayers to Lynns family and friends at this sad time, you will be missed.
Love Petra xx

30-01-14, 05:55
I'm so very sorry and very sad to hear this news about our Lynn.

Firstly my thoughts and prayers are with Lynn's family and loved ones at this time, we all feel very sad, but her family must be devastated and grief stricken.

Lynn you went out of your way to help, support and advise others, you were one lovely, sweet and kind lady and that is how I shall remember you.

I shall miss you very, very much.

You have your Angel Wings now Lynn and I know that you'll still be helping others.

Rest In Peace my sweetie.

Love and hugs from

Mandy (aka Auntie Moosie)




30-01-14, 06:14

Lighting your way Lynn
God bless.

30-01-14, 07:14
Such sad news. She was amazing. xx

30-01-14, 07:22
What terrible news, RIP Lynn , you will be sadly missed. xxx

30-01-14, 07:43
i am absolutely devastated at the loss of my good friend and a good friend to everyone on here ,
she touched my heart i will miss her desperatly
R.I.P. Lynn
my throughts are with leonard and the family
celticlass xxxxx:hugs::hugs:

30-01-14, 07:56
Even having read the impending news yesterday morning it has come as a real shock to someone who obviously was so well respected by so many on here.

Lynn, Rest in Peace.:hugs:

30-01-14, 09:00
Such sad news. I think of Lynn as a funny, feisty lady who touched many people's lives and hearts. She will be sadly missed. My condolences to her family. xx

30-01-14, 09:17
Rip lynn. Such a shock and a very sad day. Thoughts and prayers to lynns family and friends xx

30-01-14, 09:32
Really sad to hear this. A lovely lady. Had many a chat with her in the old days. RIP Lynn. Xx

30-01-14, 11:45
rip. x

30-01-14, 12:35
rip lynn xxxxx

30-01-14, 14:39
Such sad news, rip Lynn x

30-01-14, 15:24
Rest in peace, Lynn.

My condolences to her family at this sad time xxx

Cú Chulainn
30-01-14, 18:34
This is such sad news.

My thoughts are with her family at this sad time.

30-01-14, 19:40
RIP xx

31-01-14, 19:37
Sorry to hear of this sad news . Lynn was one of the 1st members I met on mnp a few years ago
I'll always remember her for her jokes when I first went in the chat room
Sleep tight Lynn and rest in peace :hugs: x x X

31-01-14, 20:27
Very sad news. I remember Lynn from years ago when I used to use the chatroom regularly. She was so friendly and welcoming.
God bless.


01-02-14, 18:53
very sad news rip lynn :sad:

02-02-14, 01:31
Very sad. RIP xxx

02-02-14, 12:35
RIP Lynn xx

02-02-14, 15:55
Such very sad news...Lynn has been so supportive to so many members. Rest in peace my dear lady. Thoughts with her family at this time.


11-02-14, 21:31
So sorry to hear this sad news. I haven't logged in and read the forums for a while. Just wanted to send my condolences to Lynn's family and friends. RIP Xx

13-02-14, 14:24
Let's all think of Granny Primark/Lynn tomorrow, 14 February 2014 and have a get together in the Chatroom from midday.

If you can't join in, wear something that has an animal picture on it. Lynn was such an animal lover.

Is this ok Nic Nomorepanic?

13-02-14, 14:40
omg granny primark what happened ?

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oooo dear she was allways so nice to me and everyone else in chat such a warm hearted person R.I.P :weep::weep::weep:

13-02-14, 16:21
I am so shocked to read this news.
My thoughts are with Lynns family at this sad and difficult time.

God Bless Lynn.

15-02-14, 22:45
So sad-
She was always so nice
Thoughts are with her closest ones now :(

16-02-14, 00:30
Very very very sad. Granny used to make me laugh such a lot. :weep:

17-02-14, 17:53
I wish granny was still here with us as she made everyone laugh in the chat room.
sleep tight my very dear friend xxx :sad:

19-02-14, 09:55
Oh no...I am in such shock! I can't believe it. Granny P was such a lovely person, in the chat room helping people and making people laugh.
She was such a nice friend...Good night Lynn.

Kerry :bighug1:

22-03-14, 21:10
Oh my goodness,I've only just seen this.That is so sad,just awful news.May she rest in peace

25-03-14, 08:05
I miss my very special friend granny primark as we always spoke on the phone every single day . may she rest in peace . love you always granny xxxxxx :weep:

25-03-14, 18:18
Only just seen this too, so awful... I didn't know her but she sounds like a lovely woman, RIP Lynn xx

26-03-14, 20:38
It's always sad when someone who meant so much to others passes away.
Best wishes to all who are missing their friend......

26-03-14, 20:50
It's always sad when someone who meant so much to others passes away.
Best wishes to all who are missing their friend......

Thank you Tessar.

I miss Lynn so much.

26-03-14, 21:56
I didn't know Lynn in the way other people did here as I didn't know her for that long but it's clear how much she did mean to different people all in their own way.
I find one of the hardest parts about losing a friend or loved one is when I really want to share with someone how much they meant to me. It makes me feel rather lost if I don't know anyone else who knew them. So then what I would like to share is lost too......
Something good about this place is that there are many people who can understand what you mean when you talk about loss. In Lynn's case, there are many here who can relate to the feeling of losing her friendship & what it meant to them individually but can appreciate other people's loss at the same time.
I guess the thing with Lynn was that she was one of the people who could relate to others & not only sooth them but from what I have read, she was able to make people smile & laugh too :-)

27-03-14, 12:30
I don't know how I've missed this but am very sad to read this news. I remember Lynn well. Sending love and prayers to her family and friends. Rest in Peace Lynn xxx

28-03-14, 15:54
I miss Lynn :( hope you are well

28-03-14, 17:25
I've been awol from NMP for a bit, and this is so sad and very shocking.

Granny Primark was such a supportive, wise and generous member, and so very willing to offer advice and words of support to others in such a lovely way.

God Bless you, Lynn. Rest In Peace.xxxx

28-03-14, 22:16
Not sure how I missed this important post, but my heart breaks for G.P and her family. G.P was such a kind and loving soul, and offered so much support and warmth to everyone here. Thinking of you on this crisp Autumn day, G.P <3

04-12-14, 15:22
I have been away from here for a long time. So sad.... Rest in peace Lynn. X

17-12-14, 13:20
Very sad news...RIP Granny Primark x

22-12-14, 17:09
RIP Lynn

05-05-15, 19:00
Having been on NMP for a long time, I am classed as one of the oldies, I have only just read this post as I have been away a long time and it has shocked me so much. Lynne was such a huge a huge part of my recovery as we joined at similar times, we spent many a day/night in the chat room and we laughed , cried, panicked, stressed, joked you name it we did it. Having returned yesterday myself as I am going through some health anxiety again, decided to look up my friends who I used to chat to and came across this post. Lynne you were an amazing supportive person who I loved chatting to every day in here. Rest in peace. I will never forget you xxxxxxx

28-01-20, 23:05
Thinking of Lynn's family and friends. Sending you hugs.

29-01-20, 20:57
Obviously a much loved and valued member of NMP...Your legacy and memory lives on, Lynn.

29-01-23, 00:52
Thinking of everyone who knew granny primark/ lynn.

I have just bought an item from the online shop of the Alzheimer’s Society .