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31-01-14, 23:05
Dear All...

As Many of you know Granny Primark one of our popular Members passed away on the 29th of January. We have had several members telling us that it would be nice to have a collection for her.

In reply to this I have now set up a Just Giving page in memory of her...... All proceeds will go to the Alzheimers Society which was a charity close to Lynns heart.

If you would like to like to donate in Memory of Lynn then please click on the following where you can donate by debit card or paypal



01-02-14, 08:47
Wow, I am so shocked, I hope it wasn't too painful for her and she passed peacefully. I will pass the message on to other members who don't get on here too often anymore.
Rest in Peace.

01-02-14, 11:09
Just donated.

01-02-14, 13:58
Haven't been on for a week, and oh my god what a shock I got today when going through forum
Granny primark!! So so sorry to hear this devastating news, it as taken me aback!
God Bless Granny RIP xx

01-02-14, 15:46
Lovely idea Emmz.

Pip xx

02-02-14, 16:15
Wow 95 raised so far...... :flowers: :)

Granny P would be proud of you all xxxx

03-02-14, 16:12
Thank you so much to every one who has donated to this cause, it is a great way to show your appreciation towards Granny Primark.

The donations now stand at 127.50 + gift aid

03-02-14, 17:22
lovely idea. done.

mandie x

03-02-14, 23:40
:sad: I will go there now... RIP Granny Primark. x

05-02-14, 09:58
Rest peacefully Granny P. You are missed.

10-02-14, 18:54
Hi all,

Just thought I would share an email I got from the Alzheimer's Society today....

Dear Emma

Thank you very much for setting up a Just Giving page to ask for
donations to Alzheimer's Society in memory of Lynn.

Collections in memory of loved ones are very special to us and we value
your generosity and that of you family and friends. The money raised
from your collection will be used for research and to provide vital
services to help people with dementia and those who care for them.

Thank you once again for choosing to support Alzheimer's Society in
Lynn's memory and all the best of luck with your online fundraising. If
I can be of any further assistance to you, please don't hesitate to get
in touch.

With best wishes

Sejal Hindocha-Shah
Customer Care

The Just Giving is Still open and has so far raised 197 + 45.63 in Gift Aid..... I would like to thank each and everyone of you that has donated and special thanks to Lynn's Son and Daughter who took time out at this sad time to donate too xx

10-02-14, 19:00

That's really nice! Thanks for setting this up.

One more donation and it's 200!

Pip xxx

10-02-14, 19:02
I know I am amazed at the generosity of people

you are all welcome

Emmz xxx

13-02-14, 18:09

13-02-14, 19:01
Hope she is at rest now :(

14-02-14, 07:49
rest in peace my very special friend.
i will always love and miss you lots and lots.
sleep tight xxxx

14-02-14, 19:30
hi i spoke with lyns family today. They send there thanks for the donations and for all the kind messages . Lyn would of been so proud of her family today and of all her lovelly friends she will be missed by many xx

15-02-14, 22:39
Oh no :( this is so sad she seemed a lovely lady