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20-11-06, 22:58
When I first began suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, one of the scariest sensations I came across was that of unreality/depersonalization/derealization. Of course, I had never heard these terms at that time, and had no idea what the problem was (actually thought I was going CRAZY!). This excerpt is from mc2method.com/anxiety - I think some of you will find it useful if you're experiencing such sensations: "Do you sometimes feel like you or your environment are unreal? Or that there is a disconnect between the two? This dreamlike sensation can be rather disturbing, especially if you interpret it to be the onset of serious mental illness. However, it is much more likely that what you're experiencing is the common anxiety sensation of unreality, often referred to as depersonalization or derealization. In most cases, sensations of depersonalization result from the introversion that anxiety cultivates. Anxious people tend to become so preoccupied with worrisome thoughts, body sensations, and adverse emotions, that their awareness becomes increasingly directed within themselves, rather than on the outside world. And this inner focus increases as inner turmoil grows. With time, you may become so consumed by your inner mental/emotional world that the outer world begins to take on an air of unreality. When this sensation of unreality is encountered, a typical anxious response is to become fearful that you're going crazy or losing your mind. But that increased anxiety just fuels the introversion causing the sensation. Yes, it can be quite frightening, but know that there is a vast difference between the simple sensation of unreality, and true insanity. When you encounter this sensation, remind yourself that it is a common anxiety symptom that will disappear once you've resolved the anxiety itself." Hope that info helps one or some of you out there - sometimes it comforting just to know that what we're experiencing is not abnormal.

20-11-06, 23:04
hey will
the dp/dr are the worst symptoms for me..for me it combines with a 'fuzzy head' and strange waves..frightening but i now know after six months that theyl pass.

20-11-06, 23:16
Hi will,

Even though we know what the unreality symptom is,we still need to be reminded of that sometimes,so thankyou for that post.

Ive been having a crap few days and the unreality has been very intense,especially today.ITS HORRIBLE:(

Take care and keep smiling,Candie xx

21-11-06, 21:36
Hi there,i am suffering with unreality feelings at the moment and it is scarey even going out down the street!!i feel so odd and my surroundings do too-do you even get intense anxiety feelings when telling yourself where you are e.g street,supermarket-it's worrying the hell out of me and i think i must be very unwell.

30-11-06, 07:02

This is my worst symptom. It took me a long time to realize that I am not going crazy (although I still have those days). It can feel so horrible and scary, but I think knowing what it is has helped me to cope with it.


30-11-06, 10:53
This is a grey area I think as anxiety and depression is a serious mental illness and there is no such thing as 'insanity'. If such symptoms continue I think it wise, as with any illness, to mention it to your GP (not counseller as they are not qualified to give such advice) and he/she will determine if you need further intervention or not.

30-11-06, 19:20
Yep, I've been having DP and DR symptoms since I was about 8, and only found out what they were when I saw my psychiatrist for the first time last year when everything else fell apart.

I'm going to sound really strange, but I actually quite like the feeling...I find a certain relief in being disconnected from the surroundings, it's like nothing can hurt me so much.
Only problem is when things follow you in there...and then you can't get out and you're stuck. [:I]I know my mind works in strange ways[:I] but it's nice to hear about other people that get them.

01-12-06, 01:02
This has been my worst symptom lately. Its actually nice to hear that im not alone... it is the worst in the morning. I question everything around me and my own thoughts and stuff. its really scary but it does pass i go through ups and downs during the day. it helps to talk to people around you about unrelated things.