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20-11-06, 22:59
I thought some people might find this reflection about social anxiety to be insightful: "If you're struggling with shyness or social anxiety, think about what it is that causes your social discomfort. Is it fear of negative judgment? Rejection? That people won't like you? That you're not interesting enough? There are many reasons people become socially uneasy. However, nearly all the reasons are simply a reflection of the desire to avoid some sort of body energy that arises in social situations - perhaps nervousness, awkwardness, insecurity, or some other unwanted feeling. Whatever that feeling is for you, ask yourself this question: Would you have a social anxiety problem if you knew you could handle that feeling? Do you think a shy person would remain shy for long if they learned to enjoy the feeling of approaching people? Learn to get comfortable with the inner sensations that you're now avoiding, and your social anxiety will soon disappear." (source: mc2method.com/anxiety). This is an interesting observation, as it really suggests the opposite of how most people approach social anxiety (by trying to eliminate the feeling first).

20-11-06, 23:17
Nice insight there Will, but i can't help saying if only it was that easy in practice. I've heard that advice before to let the feeling run through you and accept it. Hopefully I can learn to master it, but when your in one of those situatiuons there are 10 million things flying round your head at once, this seems a bit simplistic a solution to a very complex probllem but could be used in conjunction with other techniques. I'm still trying to master the right combinations of thought processes and other methods to make my life more bearable but thanks for the advice.