View Full Version : one week on Atenolol feel much better

07-02-14, 10:47
been on Atenolol 50mg for 1 week now and I must say its done something that all the anti- depressants didnt, because I feel so much more relaxed and a large amount of my physical symptoms had subsided

infact ive been going out for a few moderate drinks without it playing havoc on my mental health the day after

so far so good Atenolol :bighug1:


14-02-14, 11:49
Glad it's going well for you Kristen. I've just gone back on Atenolol after a 7 year break from them. They certainly helped me in the past. Good luck.

14-02-14, 13:58
hi ive also been given a course of Valium as although I didnt wake wanting alcohol id finish work and traditionally go for 5 pints so i have that on the night time instead of beer and i must admit I feel fantastic whilst I cut down the alcohol