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09-02-14, 21:17
Trazodone effect sex drive

10-02-14, 18:07
Didn't affect my sex drive, but did affect the practical side.

Numbness and inability to orgasm are pleasant symptoms.

Although I did stop taking it after a month because it started giving me insomnia.

11-02-14, 13:55
Oh dear , sorry to hear that hopefully like me , we will find one that suits

12-02-14, 21:27
Apparently trazodone is sometimes added to SSRIs to reverse the sexual side effects these medicines have. It also has the potential to cause priapism in men!

14-02-14, 12:11
I haven't been on any anxiety drug of AD yet that didn't have serial side effects.

3 SSRIs, 4 TCS, trazodone, pregabalin and duloxetine all caused varying degrees of ED, numbness and inability to reach orgasm.

Mirtazapine had no adverse affect in that department until I'd been on it for 4 years, but that problem could be diabetes related.

Pregabalin was good in that it has a very short half life so one day off it and normal service was resumed :) So the odd short break from them fixed things.

06-04-14, 11:23
I have found for whatever reason it has cancelled out the sexual dysfuntion from SSRIs for me. I have just posted a thread on it actually.
Plus it knocks me out at night.