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15-02-14, 00:08
Hi I am New to this, I am fed up feeling like something is wrong mainly with my heart, cause my left arm aches slot but it comes and goes, I am scared because my dad died off sudden heartattack.

I have had 2 ecgs done and few other tests and they came back normal.

I recently had blood tests done and been told I am anaemia, also got a b12 diffency. I am taking folic acid tablets for anemia and been taking citalopram 10mg but scared to take higher dose.

Going to docs next week hopefully they can help me

15-02-14, 00:15
An arm ache is only indicative of a heart attack when you have it - not a sign you are going to have one.

It is good your ECG is ok

What do you want help with?

15-02-14, 00:34
I am just struggling at the moment with having horrible thoughts and weird pains in my body as I am New yo all this anxiety, having someone to talk about stuff would be really nice

15-02-14, 11:17
Well we are here to talk to if you need anything DMW

15-02-14, 14:14
DMW, welcome to NMP. You will find many great people here, who understand what you're going through. Acceptance of your anxiety will be a key component to your recovery process. It sounds like the doctors have already helped you. The EKG showed that your heart was fine. Enjoy that victory. Try not to second guess your doctors.
What are you doing to get help with the real problem, your anxiety?

15-02-14, 19:14
I am finding it hard to cope at moment, my anxiety is worse at nite, going to docs next week so will c if they can refer me to someone who I can have a one to one with and talk bout wat I am going through