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22-07-04, 20:58
You might like to benchmark yourself on where you are today and then periodically return and have a check.

This is by no means the whole answer but working on changing your approach, attitude and inner belief does go an awful long way to make this journey to recovery easier.


Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right....~Henry Ford

The problem is not those negative
thoughts....the problem lies in the fact of whether or not you believe them !!!!!!!

Endurance begins when everyone else has given up and you are in competition with yourself.

Life's battles don't always go to the stronger, the smarter, the faster hand; But sooner or later the person who wins is the one who thinks "I can."

22-07-04, 21:37
Thanks for that Meg

I am on varioius stages up the graph.

Some things are "I think I can" and some are "I did" or "I will"


22-07-04, 21:53
for once im at the top, feel so HAPPY, i knew i shouldnt of had that cream soda

Scooter Girl

if i wa hungry would u feed me, if i fell u you help me up, if i was crying would brush away my tears

23-07-04, 10:48
Thanks meg,

I seem to jump about a bit but mostly I might and I think I can so my success rate looks like it won't be too bad!!!!


23-07-04, 15:49
Hi Meg

Hallelujah, thankyou for the graph, definately helps to put things in black and white (even if it is blue and red...lol)

Im definately in the top half of the graph these days and even have some 'I DID's' in there too!!!

looking back, my days used to be constantly 'I WONT and I CANT' so definately on the up even if it has taken 2 years to get there...lol

take care
love Sarah

we arent mad, just the next stage of evolution :)

24-07-04, 13:19
YAY, were all positive 2day :D

Scooter Girl

if i wa hungry would u feed me, if i fell u you help me up, if i was crying would brush away my tears

25-07-04, 12:20
Hi Meg,

That is very good tool to use on a daily/weekly basis just to see how far we have come. I have defintely been at all stages of the graph at one time or another over these last few years but at the moment I would say I am in the middle. Things will get better though!!

Take care


28-07-04, 19:51
Hi Meg,
Thanks for that!! I think I'm near the top - yeah!!
Sarah (seh1980)

02-09-04, 20:36
For our newer members


02-09-04, 21:16
feeling a bit down today, im 'i wish i could', bit low down i know

Scooter Girl

if i wa hungry would u feed me, if i fell u you help me up, if i was crying would brush away my tears

03-09-04, 02:11
Hi Meg

I think I'm still at the "I can't" and sometimes "I Don't Know How" levels.


01-03-05, 21:45
Jude , this one plus another one about progress soemwhere .

01-03-05, 22:08
Thanks Meg, Im half way between I can + I think I can, depending on the day. Thats not bad though is it!

01-03-05, 22:55
No its not .

Where were you 6 monstha ago ?

03-03-05, 20:56
what happened to the message between 3rd september and 1st march?

Scooter Girl AKA Jade

06-03-05, 21:36
Thanks Meg I've printed the chart out and will carry it with me so that if nothing else, I can see where I was and compare it where I am now.

Feeling a bit fragile at the mo and at the 'I want to' stage especially regarding starting a PhD next year but not sure I've got the confidence to get there - I keep getting anxious just thinking about it!

Best wishes, Jo xx

"courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear"

06-03-05, 23:11
At the moment i'm between I WILL and I DID so a good sign.:D

06-03-05, 23:18
You're jumping up the chart at the rate of knots Max .

Ensure you get really used and comrfortable to each step before continuing though - minimize blips that way.

You cannot conquer fear until you have learned what it is you're afraid of. The enemy is ignorance. Vivian Vance