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18-02-14, 23:55
Just wanted to say thanks to Nic for agreeing to set up this sub-forum.

I've been on Atenolol in the past and after a break of 7 years I'm on it again this time alongside Mirtazapine and amitriptyline.

For those who are unaware of this drug, it's prescribed off-label for anxiety.

It's a beta blocker, similar to propranolol but generally taken daily, it's not beneficial on an as and when basis like propranolol.

If anyone's interested I'll keep this thread updated with my experience of this drug.

At present my resting heart rate is about 56, normally nearer 86. Like propranolol it lowers the heart rate so is useful in hypertension AFAIK.

19-02-14, 00:00
You are welcome Mark

19-02-14, 01:47
Hi mark, id be very interested how you get on with it, Im currently on 40mg of propranolol as and when needed x x

07-03-14, 17:49
Well, here I am again.

I stopped taking atenolol after a couple of days due to having no energy and feeling a little breathless, but I went back on them and those side effects appear to have abated somewhat.

I really do think this drug helps me....hold on I'll just check my pulse.... :)

Its 56, which is a tad low I suppose - but better than my usual 86 resting pulse.

I believe seeing your GP about low pulse on this drug is only needed if it regularly drops below 50.

It's very difficult to say why I feel better, because my muscles are still tense, although I do find it easier to relax.

I thinks it because I feel I can go quickly from normal stress (such as at work) to quite relaxed very quickly.

What I'm trying to say is that the atenolol and the amitriptyline seem to combine to help me keep my mind more free of nagging worries, and when I do get wound up, I "come down" more quickly.

I don't want to tempt fate but I've been on amit now for 6 month, 2 months longer than either duloxetine and pregabalin which I tried alongside mirtazapine last year.

The reason I'm taking atenolol is purely because of the sexual side effects of amitriptyline. I'm down to 25mg a day of that drug now, and hoping to drop lower so that side-effects becomes less bothersome.

In fact I wanted the atenolol to replace the amit, but I can really feel the anxiety surface when I drop too low so I won't be cutting it out totally any time soon.

In fact the NHS Choices site says for this drug:
"slow heart rate - if your heart rate falls below 50-55 heart beats per minute, you should tell your prescriber".

So I'll keep an eye on that. In fact I was on these in the mid-2000s and my pulse was generally mid-60s, but I don't remember the dose I was on.

19-03-14, 13:49
I've been on propranolol daily for about 8 years, I want to get off it but my attempts always fail. Propranolol causes me lots of problems so I thinking of trying Atenolol. I'm very interested to see how you get on with it.

21-03-14, 20:03
I'm still taking it daily, about 2 hours after I get up, then I take my amitriptyline in the evening.

It certainly feels like it helps and the only side effect for me is a dry mouth.