View Full Version : Enoscopy and colonoscopy today - it was fine!!

28-02-14, 21:01
Just to reassure those of you with these procedures coming up - had both the endoscopy and colonoscopy today at Croydon University Hospital - was quite worried and started to panic once in the room with the gown on - but It WAS FINE!!! Had sedation and can honestly say I did not feel the camera going down throat - even tho nurses said I tried to pull it out; and the colonoscopy went ok too - no recollection of camera going in - can remember feeling a little pain at times but the next thing I remember is waking up in recovery and wanting to go back to sleep. Felt v woozy on way home - slept for 3 hrs before picking little ones up from nursery. All in all it was totally fine - if anyone is worried - just ask for sedation. And in terms of results - no reason found for the months and months of loose poo and 3 months of ridiculous indigestion!!! Biopsies taken, fingers crossed they are all ok. Good luck to everyone else who is down for this procedure - you will be fine! X

25-03-14, 09:28
Thanks for posting this. It stiffened my backbone! X

25-03-14, 09:37
Hi I am pleased it all went okay for you.