View Full Version : Clonazepam vs. Oxazepam

29-03-14, 16:36
It seems that my symptoms are that much out of control that in order to function I need to use some sort of benzos and hope that venlafaxine will do it's job in the near future.

I have been prescribed oxazepam to take as needed. Oxazepam has rather short half live and was thinking maybe a benzo with longer half live would give me more steady baseline. I was on clonazepam 3 years ago and didn't have any issues with it.

What you guys think, which kind of (short or long half live) benzo would be better to treat increased anxiety when starting SSRI medication?

It just seem that with oxazepam this is continuous roller coaster.

30-03-14, 11:31
I believe Diazepam has a long half life and so doesn't run out as fast as some other benzos.

It sounds like you need something longer acting or to be taking 3-4 doses of short acting medication a day.