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02-04-14, 21:22
So after bad headaches for a few months docs referred me for an Mri which came back 'normal' except for slight sinusitis and a polyp in one of my left sinuses. So I'm wondering why I wasn't referred to an ENT to have a look at the polyp I mean it could be what is causing my constant daily headaches couldn't it. ?

03-04-14, 13:42
Yes it absolutely can. The polyp can cause a clog which can cause headaches. This is great news. They will just have to remove the polyp and you will feel better :)

03-04-14, 16:38
Hey thanks for the reply :) the problem is my doctor dismissed it like it was nothing. Didn't even refer me to a specialist so I don't think they're actually plannin on removing it or anything.

03-04-14, 17:12
Could you ask your doctor if they intend to do anything about it? I have no idea if polyps can cause headaches etc, I was told they can cause pain in the sinuses and blocked nose etc by my GP when she checked me for them. Did you have a brain MRI? it's just that I always wondered if your sinuses show up on these?

03-04-14, 19:02
Hey my doc said they don't cause headaches but from what I've read online from people's personal experience they said it causes headaches. I just found it strange that I wasn't even referred to ENT just to be on the safe side. And yes I had a brain MRI and it showe my sinuses too :)