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09-04-14, 20:52
Hi all

my mom is 73,been on anafranil for 30years,been fine on it. She took them due to anger and obsessive / intrusive thoughts.
Apparently they're are discontinuing anafranil, so dr started her on clomipramine, only 3 months later, Dr said they're stopping that too.

He's sent her two new ones, venlafaxine and citolopram.

My ex went through hell with Dr's swapping and changing anti depressants, and I'm not going to let them do that to my mom.

Has anyone heard that this tricyclic a/d anafranil /clomipramine is being discontinued? She would obviously like to stay on it, she's too old for this :(

Loops x

02-06-14, 09:32
Im sorry I have no idea myself but your poor mum! I can understand your worry xx

03-06-14, 01:55
Hi, Ruthsdaughter,
Do you still have capsules left? The link for the following advisory I just found online by googling "clomipramine discontinued" is dated April this year. There are two email addresses for more information at the bottom, and they are suggesting that it is only the extended release capsules that have been discontinued at this time, and the regular tablets are still available. These would of course require stringent care on someone's part to ensure your mom takes a tablet a number of times a day. I would contact them immediately.

Clomipramine for GPs

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This drug is said to be in the same "class" as clomipramine.

Sinepin (doxepin hydrochloride) capsules 25mg and 50mg in packs of 28 are being discontinued by Marlborough Pharma on 18 April 2014. A generic version of the medicine is available through Sovereign Medical on 01268 535230.

01-07-14, 12:25
My doc has not said anything to me and I am on clomipramine?

01-07-14, 19:15
I am not on this med and i have not heard this information. The Dr is recommending Venlafaxine? When i tried this med the other week the pharmacist said there is a severe shortage of this too! I only got 2 weeks supply. Whats going on?

02-07-14, 20:14
Maybe the generic producer of venlaxafine is having a supply problem? You could try asking for Efexor, the brand name. It's still okay here in Canada.

04-11-14, 16:43

In answer to the question, yes, they have discontinued clomipramine in the UK as the factory closed down. I was on it for 25 years but have had to change to Paroxetine. I don't feel as good on Paroxetine as I did on clomipramine in fact I am now thinking of changing again to Amitriptylene as I think this may suit me better.

23-11-14, 20:56
Hi am new to this site and only joined today. Just curious about this as I went to my doctor on the 5th November to talk about meds. The previous ones sent my anxiety into overdrive after just 1 tablet so he wants to start me on clomipramine. Just wandering why he suggested it if they stopped making it?

19-02-15, 12:41
Clomipramine Is available again. I got a prescription on 18th Feb 2015

05-03-15, 14:08
There is a slow release 75mg Clomipramine available.

I take these now instead of the usual Clomipramine.

Hope this helps


20-03-15, 12:59
Teva UK are supplying pharmacies with Clomipramine