View Full Version : Received my assesment date for CBT - Advice?

02-12-06, 16:56
Hello all,

I have just got home from work to find a letter from the NHS, asking for me to attend an assesment on the 15th December 2006.

Could somebody who has been for their assesment pass me on some advice and what to expect please so I can be a little more prepared.


02-12-06, 17:07
Hi there

Read my post here - it will tell you what to expect ....

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02-12-06, 17:45

Thanks, that was great help but I'm not sure if I want to bring up my childhood with her at the meeting.


02-12-06, 20:18
hi red,

im doing cbt for health anxiety at the moment, this is the post i did about my assessment (i hope the link works [^])

just had CBT assessment for health anxiety (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=13728)

it was all really positive, and not about dragging up the past. It was really just finding out about what my particular worries are, and a little bit about why, and also about what behaviour i do at the moment (checking, avoidance of illness etc.) because of my health anxiety. CBT is very much about finding strategies to deal with your anxiety.

feel free to pm me if you want to ask me anything about it.


02-12-06, 21:38
my cbt assessment did talk about my childhood, but only the bits i was comfortable with. no-one can make you say things you're not ready to share. its just to give the psychologist background info. after the initial meeting it hasnt been mentioned. cbt concentrates on changing the way you think about things and how to deal with issues. its not a 'talking' therapy.
hope you get on ok,
tc xxxx

02-12-06, 22:53
Hi Red

i had my CBT assessment the other week, it was totally ok and i can't wait to get started (nxt june prob). Childhood was mentioned briefly, but it was more looking to the future and telling me how they could help. She did a couple of examples for me on a whiteboard and gave me some leaflets,
hope its ok for you too
anx x

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