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28-07-04, 22:08
i have just took my first effexor an hour ago! i have just gone all hot and shaky and feel very sick! is this normal? am i going to be ok? should i take any more?

28-07-04, 22:12
dont worry prawny, people often feel bad initially after taking anti-deps? is it an ssri? just try and relax, a lot of it may be psychosomatic after all. Come and see us in the chat room now.


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28-07-04, 22:14
how do you get on the chat room?

28-07-04, 23:32
It isnt unusual...I was similar with both Prozac and effexor.....you've got to remember that it is assisting chemicals and you will feel various symptoms.......it will get better so stick withit....the start is always the hardest. If you really have problems ask the doctor isf he can start you on a lower dose.I know they sometimes put you on 75mgs straight away when some people find it easier to start on 37.5. Does this apply to you?
Good luck


28-07-04, 23:36
It is a normal reaction hon, dont give up yet.

First time i had a certain tablet i had a panic attack within 15 minutes, no way could have been the tablet but my lack of confidence in them brought it on. No doubt they do have side affects so build up the dose slowly and give your body time to adjust to them but please dont give up at the first hurdle like i did a few years ago, as lost two years of my life and now back on same med and feel a different person.

Keep feeling postive and talk to us, we will help you through it.

Love Sal xxxx

29-07-04, 00:12

thanks for your support!

i am on 37.5 mg its been about two hours now, dont feel as sick but feel a bit spaced! dont worry i wont give up!

if something bad was going to happen would it have happened by now?

dawn x

29-07-04, 10:21
as soon as i took my first 40mg of citalopram i felt bloody awful, thought i was going to die (i always did overexaggerate!!!) If it is anything like your meds thengive it three days and you will feel on top of the world!, stick with it :-) good luck xxxx


29-07-04, 10:29
thanks, well i got through the night. got to sleep about 3am. just about to have breakfast and take another one. i am trying to convince myself that they are making me feel so bad because they are making me better. i took citalopram 16 mths ago and didnt feel any different!

dawn x

29-07-04, 12:58
its been over an hour since i took the second one!

heart isnt beating fast, no sickness!

feel a bit shivery and shakey but that i can cope with. oh and cant eat much, but not too worried about that might lose a few pounds!

overall i feel ten times better than i did last night, so is making me feel positive about the medication which makes me feel happy!

thanks for the support
dawn xxxx

29-07-04, 21:45

i have got through the day ok, still been very shakey and feeling weird. but for the past two hours the symptoms have gone.

will they come back when i take tonights tablet? (11pm)

or is that it for feeling weird?

does anyone know if your pupils stay big throughout treatment or do they wear off with the side effects?

dawn xx

30-07-04, 18:59
My pupils haven't seemed particularly big but its good if they do as apparently this is when you are at your sexiest (big pupils = sexual arousal!)

The effects will just get less and less over the next few days, the tablets are long lasting so no they shouldn't get worse with every tablet you take as the dosage should remain constant in your body, if you see what I mean?

Glad you are doing okay.


Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit
Understanding is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad

30-07-04, 23:49
thanks emily

well i must super sexy 24/7 at the minute!!!!!!!

i woke up this morning feeling great until i took my morning dose then effects kicked. dont think they are as bad and seem to wear off earlier than they did yesterday.

i dont no if its just me but i have felt really chirpy today, even though i had the side effects to cope with. they must be working hey?

if anyone has any advice on effexor i would love to hear it.

dawn xxxxxxx

31-07-04, 00:29
Hi Dawn

Cant comment as they are one of the millions i havent tried LOL

But so pleased to hear you feel a lot better today. Its early days yet so side affects will wear of in their time, but reading your post, you sound postive and feel a difference already, so hopefully this is the start of better things to come.

Good luck and well done for sticking with it.,

Lots of love Sal xxxxx

01-08-04, 04:02
I think you are doing a great job sticking with them.

I took one tablet of 37mg and I swear I thought I was going to die.
I was then switch back to my usual sertraline.

If you can survive this long on them you are doing ever so well.

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx
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01-08-04, 20:15
thanks for the support

well yesterday was a good day, hardly any effects and felt really energetic and happy. although today has been the total opposite, i keep twitching ( hands and feet ), headache and my eyes keep going blurry. this has lead to me feeling anxious all afternoon. i am thinking of going to the doctors in the morning and asking for something different.

i no i might have stuck out the worse but i think i would rather feel like i did on day 1 than feel like this throughout my treatment. i also spoke to friend who is currently on effexor and she said the twitching hasnt stopped for her. i took cipramil 16mth ago (after my daughters birth) and didnt have any side effects whatsoever. i am thinking i might go back to what i no i am ok with!!!

would i be able to swap immediately from effexor to a different one? or would i have to wean off them before starting another (i have taken them for four days)

plus as i felt so high yesterday and low today is this not a bad sign too?

dawn x

02-08-04, 10:46
Perhaps we dont give these meds a chance as anxiety sufferers, i feel that if we all gave them at least a month then the effects would outweigh the horrible side effects. TEy to not give up or swap too soon??


02-08-04, 10:56
i have GIVE UP on the effexor!!!!!!!!!

i have just got back from the docs, she has put me on cipramil and can start them straight away. i no i should have tried a bit harder but i couldnt do it.

thanks to everyone for advice and support i couldnt have done more than one dose without it!

a friend of my cousins is going to do some reiki on me in the next few weeks too so will let you no how that goes.

thanks dawn xxxx

02-08-04, 20:09

Never mind about the Effexor and good luck with the Cipramil.

Let's hope they help and you don't feel as bad on them as you did the last few days.

Good luck and let us know how it goes


03-08-04, 18:23
i took my first cipramil last night! had a fab nights sleep.

feel absolutely fine today. been a bit drowsy but i dont no if thats due to the meds or my daughter waking me up at 3am and then 7am. (she usually doesnt wake till 8am)

i have another three weeks off uni so i should be feeling fine before i have to start treating my own patients!!!!!

dawn xx

09-08-04, 11:44
hi all

i have been taking the cipramil for 7 days now.

i had a few days of feeling anxious but been fine all weekend. i even went shopping for myself on sat and spent lots of money on me! ( usually spend it on the kids or my fella )

also decided to try and give up smoking as i think coughing and wheezing contributes to worrying about my health. seeing the nurse on wednesday for lots of patches, plastic fags and chewing gum!!!!!!

now i am happy with my medication i can start planning what else i need to do to combat this silly thing!

i can do it, and i will do it!

dawn x

09-08-04, 15:27
I bet doctors get so sick of people not trying to get through the tough parts of taking tablets.


09-08-04, 18:40
I was taking effexor for nearly a year, they seemed fine when i was taking them with diazipam but when i stopped the diazipam, omg, the effexor made me feel awful so i decided to come off them, this was the worst month of my life, i was dizzy, lightheaded, disorientated, just real awful, but after this i was still anxious so i needed something else and cipramil done the trick the made me feel "normal" the only thing i noticed is that i dream loads and loads. Take care Taraxxx