View Full Version : Were you told it wasn't cancer on the day of the test?

16-04-14, 14:08

I am wondering if after the endoscopy you were told what was wrong?

If they found an ulcer did they say if they thought it was cancerous or not?

16-04-14, 14:12
They would not tell you it was or wasn't cancer - they would need a specialist to look at the results.

22-04-14, 08:30
No, I had cervical cancer last year and they can;t tell you on the day. They have to get everything throughly looked at by specialists before they can tell you anything x

03-07-14, 16:21
My GI doc did actually say hey, I found xyz polyp, which we removed, etc - and none of it looked cancerous. But he was sure to say that they would not know 100% until the biopsies came back.