View Full Version : pregabalin not helping

17-04-14, 19:22
hi guys im taking 400mg of pregabalin and it doesnt seem to be working i thought it was at 1 stage but it isnt my dr doesnt want to increase it anyone else found its not helping?

18-04-14, 08:00
Pregabalin has helped me, but there have been a couple of posters who it didn't help, or it stopped working, or had side effects they couldn't tolerate. I think you said in an earlier post that you are taking a mix of meds - if that's the case, it's really in the hands of your psychiatrist, but it is possible to go up to 600 mg per day. Good luck, and don't give up hope.

18-04-14, 13:06
thanks my dr wants to increase the lomotigine wants to stabilize my moods because they change a lot so i think in a way that would be a antidepressant i am not bipolar but i cant control my moods it goes from low to even lower then goes back to low lol .

18-04-14, 16:50
Good luck... I am slowly decreasing my pregabalin...it worked for 10 months and got me out of a big hole! But I could feel anxiety creeping back and I became a little depressed so have successfully gone back on Citalopram.