View Full Version : Pregnant and had to stop paxil

01-05-14, 16:17
I just found out I am 4-5 weeks pregnant and my doctor had me completely stop taking Paxil. I was takin 10mg/day for about 9-12 months now. I am now having extreme heart palpitations and what I would call "brain zaps." Has anyone experienced this. I know you're not supposed to stop just taking mediation like that but I have to so what's best for my peanut. However, all I do is cry because I feel like something is really wrong. They want to put me on Zoloft but my anxiety was well under control until I started experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. Any idea how I can make this go away or whether it is normal!?

01-06-14, 00:11
It will be a huge shock to the system to be suddenly taken off paxil so withdrawal may be tough for the first week and should settle there after. But remember you are pregnant so hormones may make things seems worse as you will likely be emotional now anyway. Give yourself 2-3 weeks also if you feel you need something Zoloft is very safe I myself took it during my last pregnancy and I had a very healthy 7lb13 baby at 37 weeks :) all the best xx

01-06-14, 01:32
I got off my med, Citalopram about 2 months before I got pregnant because I wanted to try and do this without any meds. BTW this is my first baby and I am 30 weeks. For me...my anxiety and PA just progressively got worse. Two weeks ago I totally lost it and was put back on the med, but I completely regret I waited so long. You definitely need to do what's best for you, so think about it. But I know plenty of people who was on meds their whole pregnancy and had perfectly healthy little one's. ♡

28-09-14, 17:04
I was taken off Paxil too bc I'm pregnant but now I take zoloft which is safe during pregnancy according to my ob doctor. Maybe ask for that?