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03-08-04, 01:44
Hi, i am of to see physciatrist on wednesday, i dont wish to go onto any antidepressants i just want a benzo for a while to control my anxiety/panick attacks etc... and have some cbt therapy if the mental health can get me in..

i currently have valium here only 2mg but i take up to 6 mg when i need it not every day like.. i sometimes get a little panicky within a few minutes of taking it, few years ago i was taking it on a regular basis and i actually had a severe panick attack .. was strange anyone know what could of happened or what could be happening to me when i sometimes get panicky when i taking 1?

anyways shall i ask for xanax? wat is the difference please? i am sure physc will give it to me.. i aint on no meds so my mind will be my own this coming wednesday :-)


Luv Y'all


04-08-04, 18:14
If you work yourslef up enough you can have a panic attack dosed up with any of these. The idea is to take them sparingly when you're really struggling.

As its now Wednesday pm - I guess you've been . What did you get ?


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