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06-05-14, 14:29
Hi All

It's 4 weeks now since my gp referred me for an endoscopy and I haven't heard anything from the hospital at all! He originally told me around 6 week wait but as I haven't even had the appointment time yet this isn't looking good!

i phoned the surgery last week but they couldnt help! what am I supposed to do?

Meanwhile my stomach has got a bit better, but I am taking gaviscon 3x a day - im terrified of not taking it cos symptoms make me worry more.


06-05-14, 14:40

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08-05-14, 07:45
Are u on nhs? Try calling 0333 2023187 that's the in house endoscopy referral number, that has been listed on my letter for an endoscopy. Surely u should of heard by now mine was a 3 week wait.

08-05-14, 07:52
Different areas have different waiting times. If your doctor said 6 weeks then he may have meant until you get the appointment? I would wait another couple of weeks and if you haven't heard by then give the hospital a call.

13-05-14, 09:52
i had an appointment with gastro consultant on fridat 16th may but ive just had a letter saying it has been cancelled due to being booked inappropriately! this is getting rediculous