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14-05-14, 17:40
Well i went to my counselor yesterday and with my anxiety, depression and i also have a learning disability she said i will be able to apply for a disability check!

is this possible??:shrug:

14-05-14, 17:47
I have heard of people getting on disability for those reasons. Keep in mind that sometimes it is a very long process (not to keep you from applying though). A lot of times people are denied their first application and have to apply again. There are resources that can help you with the process. What state do you live in by any chance? I'm in CT and our local Department of Social Services helps with the application.

14-05-14, 17:59
I'm in Kentucky!!

14-05-14, 18:04

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14-05-14, 18:06
thank you, i always mess up were i need to post!!!!!

15-05-14, 03:15
I would find out your local state social service agency and set up an appointment with them. It doesn't hurt to apply.

15-05-14, 14:03
Ok, i will try that..
And no it doesn't