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21-05-14, 16:03
:weep: hi im having a colonscopy and endoscopy on sat morning and i suffer with bad anxiety, and due to the anxiety i have problems with acid reflux, and have what feels like reacurring bouts of throat tightenings and belching, also it feels like i have food and air bubbles backing up in my throat, and sticking there for a while, horrible sensation, uncomftable the thing i would like to know is about the prep im going to have before.... does it make these symptoms i have worse, im so frightenend of taking the stuff incase it will make it worse can anyone help please

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anyone please

21-05-14, 16:06
It is difficult to say as everyone reacts differently to it. I don't think it will make your symptoms worse but it will give you a good clear out.

21-05-14, 17:20
I am having a colonoscopy on the 16th June and I am not looking forward to the prep day as I have done it before so know what to expect!

Just be near a loo all day !

21-05-14, 18:10
Colonoscopy buddies! Mine's on 16th June, too. I get GERD and belching problems when I'm stressed/very anxious, prep never worsened that for me. All the attention is focused on the other end. I recommend stocking up on good magazines or books for the bathroom and relaxing as much as you can. After the prep's done, it's a breeze.

21-05-14, 18:19
thankyou for replys x

21-05-14, 18:24
You'll be fine, and you'll have some answers! Focus on the positives, and don't worry about the reflux at all. Just worry about having lots to read. Good luck on Saturday! :)

21-05-14, 18:27
After the prep's done, it's a breeze.

Not for me it isn't :roflmao:

21-05-14, 18:28
Drink lots of water that's what I do it seems to help,dont go to far from loo, but Its not as bad as your imagination makes it.

21-05-14, 18:28
I guess I just REALLY like sedation. Closest thing to being relaxed I seem to get :D

21-05-14, 18:58
thankyou i hope all goes well with you aswell x

21-05-14, 21:43
Mines on Saturday morning! I've been having a bland diet all week in readiness. I'm expecting that the prep will be horrible!