View Full Version : throat spray

23-05-14, 08:21
Hi ive decided to have the throat spray with no sedation at my endoscope please could any one tell me that exactly what it feels like when they put the camera down your throat, i just freaked out watching the procedure on you tube, omg the thickness of the pipe, does it completley block the oesophogus ???, im sooo worried about this now, will it affect my breathing in any way, its bad enough when i have food backing up after eating sometimes, im so tempted to cancel HELP !!!

23-05-14, 15:48
anyone please im really thinking of going down the cancel route:weep:

17-07-14, 17:01
Hi, just seen this post. X did you cancel? How did you get on? I have one tomorrow and I am sooo close to cancelling it. X