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02-06-14, 11:13
Hello, I am 27 weeks pregnant and since before weekend I've had a slight pain in my calf but didn't dwell on it too much. Today I've noticed a pale red rectangular patch on my calf, the same place I was having the pain, however yesterday we went to the beach and I only sparingly put sun cream on my legs as I had a long ish dress on below the knees. I'm now going out of my mind worrying if it's sunburn or could it be a blood clot. Both my legs feel heavy, my calves are extremely tight and don't wobble in the slightest but I've heard this is common in pregnancy due to increased blood flow etc. I could go to the doctor but if it is just sunburn I'm going to look like an idiot. I feel completely well in myself apart from tired which again is normal. Should I wait a couple of more days to see if it goes down?

Ps I've been worried about blood clots throughout my pregnancy as my mum had one after she gave birth to my sister. So I'm constantly thinking about it which ultimately is probably making the heaviness etc worse?!

02-06-14, 15:26
A blood clot on your leg would be a hard inflamed area that hurt a lot, I will say because you are pregnant then worry is not good for you so ring your midwife, they are the best ones to ease your anxiety.
No point worrying if you can find a way to ease it, it most likely is from the sand and the sun.
Lucky you going sea side are you close?

02-06-14, 15:56
Hiya thanks for replying. My midwife does know about my anxiety I tell them every time I go in for check ups but they just don't seem to care. (I say they because I've only ever seen 'my' midwife twice, the rest have been different people).

It does feel like sunburn ie it stung a bit when I had a shower this morning it's quite a large patch as well whereas I think a clot is in a smaller concentrated area. It's not painful or swelling, it's just my calves which feel heavier and tighter than normal. I think I'll leave it til tomorrow And maybe go to the doctors to see about the heaviness anyway.

I live about 50 mins from Redcar beach, first time we've been this year however weather is rubbish again today ha. Where abouts are you from? X