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05-06-14, 15:46
I don't want to jinx anything but duloxetine is really helping me. I feel almost normal!
Such a relief after my mirtazapine nightmare.

05-06-14, 22:58
So happy for you, Jingo! It's such a crapshoot, isn't it? I'm so lucky that my doctor has kept up with med knowledge, and has a good deal of experience. After one "false start" awhile back, I now have the right meds for me too (touch wood, lol!) How long have you been on the duloxetine now, and what are you taking it for, anxiety?
Best of luck to you! :hugs:

24-01-15, 15:47
Hi, I had great success with duloxetine, also after mirtazapine not working.. I hope you're still having a good time.

25-02-15, 16:16
I don't want to jinx anything but duloxetine is really helping me. I feel almost normal!
Such a relief after my mirtazapine nightmare.

I have just been on Mirtazapine / Zispin 15mg for seven days, and the Psyciatric doctor who had put me on it initially has told me to stop taking it. I have been told to start Duloxetine, so I am glad to see this post. Can you please share your experience of being on it, what you are taking it for, and what your negative experiences of Mirtazapine were?

I am getting prescribed it for very severe anxiety attacks / PTSD.

I am a long-term sufferer of PTSD which mostly manifest in chronic anxiety (panic) attacks.

I have been prescribed Half Inderal LA 80mg Capsules (now discontinued and I now get "Half Beta-Prograne 80mg Sustained Release Capsules" [Propranolol Hydrochloride 80mg] instead), and Diazepam 5mg X3 daily, since 1998.

I had undergone a fairly rigorous course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for 52 weeks, finishing up in 2007, at which time I was prescribed "Cipralex®" and then Citalopram along with the Propranolol and Diazepam. I honestly found that the Citalopram was of no benefit to me unfortunately, for the anxiety / PTSD, and the side effects were awful for the entire year of taking them; (dry mouth, feeling MORE anxious, nausea, decreased appetite, low sex drive), without getting any helpful therapeutic benefit. In short, after giving the Citalopram a fair chance for a year, I just decided to take myself off them, as I had finished an intensive FIFTY TWO week course of CBT. I withdrew from the Citalopram, "cold turkey" if you like. It was horrible... it felt like there was an electrical storm in my head for a good few days. I've often seen these described as "brain zaps", which describes the sensation quite well.

I had been managing better with my anxiety without the SSRI Citalopram, as the side effects outweighed the benefits (I honestly never found any benefit from them, unfortunately, and a year was a long enough time to decide that they simply were not benefitting me).

Would be really interested in hearing everyone's feedback on the SNRI Duloxetine, and if you are being prescribed any of the above mentioned medications along with it also?