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05-06-14, 23:04
I went to the Hospital yesterday morning for an ECG. I tried to relax as much as I could but because I was anxious i could feel my heart beating fast...After about two mins it was done and the nurse said that it was beating quite fast and that the normal rate was between 60-100bpm and mine was 112bpm. She said they will send them to my doctor in the next week...My worry is that sometimes when having a panic attack i feel my heart rate slows down and thats why he sent me for ecg but because it was beating so fast whilst i was having it they are not gonna see if there is something wrong cus it never beats like that when im panicking.

05-06-14, 23:08
I don't think sometimes we can tell how fast our heart is beating for example my heart feels fine now but if I lay down I can feel my heart beating but on that note if your scared get an heart monitor coffee amazon

05-06-14, 23:33

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