View Full Version : New medication - quetiapine 100mg - any good?

10-06-14, 18:28
Hi, I'm currently on propronanlol 40mg one a day, for a recent bout of bad anxiety / mood swings. Did feel for a while I wasn't getting the benefit of them but last couple of days feeling bit better combined with regular sleep pattern / eating better / exercise etc. however I have been quite down lately / tired but not all the time, comes and goes. I was referred to the psychiatrist by my GP with a view to anti depressants and after a thorough chat he recommended a short course of quetiapine 100mg with a view to increase over the coming days, and to come off the propronanlol. Then if feeling better to come off them slowly. I was just wondering if this is worth taking? I'm quite scared of taking them as don't want to become a walking zombie / side effects and I've got a lot of work events coming up this week etc, that i want to be on good form for. Also don't want to get too "high" again as I feel the propronanlol has calmed me a fair bit. Also with holidays etc coming up don't want to be the one on tablets not having a good time, also don't want to be on tablets for a long time. Considering a second opinion before taking them or consulting GP, any input appreciated as this is a huge decision for me thanks :)

Down and out
14-06-14, 15:26
Hi , I take 80 mg propananol slow release and 100 quetiapine at night and it makes me eat like a horse and apart from the blips that every one get seen to be doing ok .