View Full Version : Multiple ESA sanctions

11-06-14, 00:18
Hi All,
Im new here and just looking for anyone that may have any advice or stories that reflect what I'm going through at the minute..

I have been on ESA for quite some time, during this period my mental health had took a serious downward spiral and I have been sanctioned multiple times. Its my own fault really, I'm too scared to even go to the doctors to get my prescription.. My advisor told me if at any time I felt I couldn't attend work related activity, then all I had to do was call up an hr beforehand and let them know.

First time a family member was hospitalised and the only person available to care for her children was me, which meant I couldn't attend WRA,I told them this but was not took at a reasonable excuse.

The second time I was in the middle of a crisis, I was sanctioned again then told to get a doctors note, which cost 15 and I simply couldn't afford this as I was only getting 50 every two weeks.

The third time I fell pregnant and was so ill I couldn't even carry on with the pregnancy, which in itself was traumatic-I told my advisor of this as she rang to set up my next WRA and I took it that she would make a note, but now another letter dropped through my door saying 'A doubt has arisen on your entitlement to ESA'... I rang today to tell them of this and that I could provide proof, but I'm at my wits end now, how can I get it back, what should I do?

This has left me in 1,500 of debt to my landlord as I couldn't even afford to top up my rent and im living on less than 50 every fortnight.
I desperately need to sort this out as I cant live like this any longer :weep:
I know I need help but I don't know where to go or who to ask, I'm just so worried about how I'm going to cope unless I get everything sorted.
Sorry for my mindless ramblings I just thought I should explain what was going on..:blush:
Any help or personal stories of how people got though this in a similar situation would be great.