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12-06-14, 18:04
I had my EMG test done and the doctor scared me and said something to the technician about why he is doing this nerve test and something about seeing demylianation???? and that you do this because that was a little slow????, so I sat up and asked? Is there something wrong? Is everything normal? He said that one was a little slow, that it's borderline slow, and he said you look really worried, it's fine,
and now i cant remember everything he said that it was okay maybe thats what he said, and that everythinng is looking normal. but the borderline slow thing and demylianation scares me, so on the way out i asked the girl what that meant, she said, Oh you don't have that.
with this anxiety doing this test was not a good idea, i am having anxiety attacks and telling myself it's okay, he said the good news is, you don't have a pinched nerve....
if anyone can please give me some reassurance here i would love to hear from you please
thank you!!!!

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I have to go back and have it done on my hands, and arms I guess next week. This sucks, I really am seriously thinking of not going next week. My anxiety is worse from going. NOT Better!!!, but isnít that the case with anxiety? And especially with health anxiety.
Is there ever a reason a doctor would downplay something? Because he did one more test and asked the technician why he is doing it. And said the term demylianation. But the tech said I donít have that my anxiety is so high right now, itís hard to remember how things went, I remember her saying he just wants me to learn, but, I just wanted to know if everything is normal, God I hate this, I keep thinking about it, and panicking, does anyone know what I mean?
My therapist said that anxiety causes tingling. And also people have said the muscle twitches. I am sooooooo scared again! I have been on the anxiety medicine for 6 weeks now and was feeling so much better and now, I canít eat, I am smoking so much! I feel sick.
1. She said I do not have Ďdemylianationí
2. He said everything looks good.
3. He said good news you donít have a pinched nerve.
So, am I okay? Does that mean heís done, or does he have to still go over the results?? Anyone know? Does that mean I should go for my arms too? when I go back next week will everything be okay? I am so scared to go back. So, that is one week I will go do that, and then two weeks later my family doctor wants to see me about the tests? How am I going to get through this? I am so sick with worry, the tingling is bad now, is that my anxiety??
I have been through hell since the end of February, and just started to feel better, I cannot do this all again.
I hope someone responds to my posts, and has experience with this,,,, anxiety and maybe the tingling and the tests too, that would help so much

13-06-14, 00:35
Why doesn't anyone comment on this??????

Daisy Sue
13-06-14, 00:54
Hi... I have no personal experience of this kind of issue, but I just wanted to post and say how sorry I am to hear you're in a bad state due to the worry regarding your test results.

I've just looked up 'demylianation', and now know what it might mean if found for sure, so I can understand your fears. However, I can't imagine the doctor would say things were ok, and the nurse too, if something untoward had been found. The most they'd say, I'd guess, would be "wait until your doctor gets the results", or something along those lines.

I've had a lot of health issues over the years, and I've never been falsely reassured by any doctor or radiographer etc... if it's good news, and they know, they tell me. If it's bad, they either hint at further testing, or refuse to tell me anything until the doctor who requested the tests has seen the results.

Tingling can definitely be part of anxiety, especially if you're really anxious. Maybe try and work on your breathing and relaxation, and see if you notice a difference in the tingling.

If you've just had this EMG test, why would you still want specific testing on your arms?

13-06-14, 00:56
Stop stressing out. He said, "It looks good" and "Everything is fine". You are upsetting yourself and causing the Anxieties to take over. And us Anxiety sufferers have to have these things checked out so that we can cross them off of list of worries. Worrying is what we all do and we make ourselves ill with worry. Just keep saying to yourself that 'Everything is Fine', just like the Doctor told you.:hugs:

13-06-14, 01:27
Are the muscle twitches from anxiety? My therapist said that the tingeling is caused by anxiety. Anyone else do this?

Daisy Sue
13-06-14, 01:39
Are the muscle twitches from anxiety? My therapist said that the tingeling is caused by anxiety. Anyone else do this?

Yep it can be... have a read through this link on the forum - it mentions both tingling and twitching, amongst other symptoms of anxiety.


13-06-14, 02:04
Anxiety definitely causes muscle twitches. I know its difficult, but try to ignore them, they won't harm you. Your body is reacting to the anxieties and they go eventually. They peak, then calm down. You can have them anywhere in the body. I had them in the legs, toes, arms, head, face; basically everywhere. Don't be frightened. Your mind is playing havoc with you. Just try to relax and they will go.:hugs:

13-06-14, 03:01
I twitch too! A lot! Totally harmless.

13-06-14, 03:26
If they said the is no demylianation and that everything looks good, I can't imagine there is anything wrong.

I twitch all the time. I have had 2 brain MRIs and they showed no sign of anything wrong, so now I accept that the twitches are just a normal part of who I am.

13-06-14, 03:33
Thank you all for helping. I am so glad that this site is here. I noticed a lot of people from Britain and the United kingdom have doctors who tell them there symptoms are from anxiety, I'm wondering if doctors here are not very educated on anxiety. My doctor said it is on the outside of his field. I wish it wasn't I need help with it.

13-06-14, 15:50
Back when all of this started, in April I told my doctor all of my symptoms and he had me do strength tests and said I had weakness in my left arm. I also had the tingling in my left calf. I was thinking the tingling in the calf was from hurting my back, I did something to it because it hurt for like 7 weeks. I went for another appointment to see how the meds were working for anxiety and meds for sleeping I wasn't sleeping or eating because of the anxiety. Well he checked my strength again said the left arm was weaker. So he said he wanted the test on all four limbs. That was a month ago and I swear the tingling and the twitches had pretty much went away, but then about four or five days before the appointment, it started coming back and now after everything yesterday in there getting that test done I have these symptoms back and my arm feels weaker and stiff and it aches. The tingling there comes and goes goes up my neck into my cheek.
I feel like I'm repeating myself but I need to explain and maybe make some sense of it all.
I apologize for rambling, I get confused and feel like no one understands. It's every time a doctor says something I obsess over it trying to analyze what it all means.
My mother told me to stop being paranoid my husband told me to use common sense my daughter said I was being stupid. I am scared and I can't think straight when I get scared. I don't want to go back next week for my arms because if in the next few days I get where I accept that the test on my legs went well and it was normal, I will worry again after that one and worry some more until I go see my family doctor. So I could potentially be back into the hole I had been in since March. It's all very upsetting. Seeing doctors make me worse not better.

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If it's not a pinched nerve then what is it? I had my thyroid checked, my vitamin B12, checked for Lyme. Has anyone on here found out that they did have something really bad? I'm scared it Will be me. I read somewhere that ALS can start in a limb was I getting better or was that all in my head too? Why is this happening, what did I do? God knows I can't take this, I can't live like this. I just want it to stop.

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My family says there is not anything wrong with me, they said that it would be obvious how do they know I don't want anything wrong with me. I don't even want this anxiety or fears or the crying how do I help myself it's up to me right?

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My arm and shoulder are burning right now,and I feel like I can't hold my kindle up to type, but it wasn't like this three days ago. Does anyone have any advice to help cope and get a grip and think logically? Am I being stupid?

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I have read all the post s on here from what people are saying about their ALS fears and convinced myself I can't have it and now im not so sure, I didn't think I had that until Google came up with it. I also know of someone who has it, and my sister in law has MS. Would I think these things if I didn't know of people who have them? The person with ALS is a friend of someone I work with and she is checking in with this person weekly and telling me stuff like how bad she is and what things feel like. I get a hot flush feeling every time. It is a terrible thing. I am freaking out.

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I mean isn't it like really really rare, and I didn't think I had any weakness the doctor says I do my arm shook each time I pushed against him that was the test, but you know when your crying an panicking, I get clumsy and I feel shaky, I did pushups and lifting things trying to prove to myself that I have strength. I do drop things when the anxiety is high but isn't that from the anxiety, I have tried buttons, I had trouble once and thought it was because I had long finger nails so I cut them and tried again until I was satisfied I could button things. See how out of hand I am getting? I tried bottle tops, everything to see, if I could do it. I am losing it.

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I shouldn't have gone to the appointment by myself, that was stupid.

13-06-14, 22:45
OK, TuesdaysChild44,

Everything you are experiencing is the same as me and many other on this Site. You are not going Mad and your family and friends will not understand what you are going through. Have you got a Therapist? Many of us here do have and I for one can recommend it. You need to talk to someone who understands what you are going through.

You can do some self help in the meantime and persevere with it, because you won't get better over night. It has probably taken years to build up in your system and it all needs to be released. The weak arm thing may due to a simple explanation. You may just be a little weaker in that arm anyway or it could be the anxiety making it worse.

When I was full-on with Anxiety, things kept slipping out of my hand and I suffered a mild stroke 10 years ago, so I know the difference. I would suggest you look up on this Site the 'Symptoms' Page on the left and you will find you have many if not all that are listed.

I don't know you or your Life, but I would strongly suggest you have yourself some relaxation time. Lying on the bed, undisturbed with a relaxation CD or soothing music and just let yourself go. You will twitch, but that is good, let your body go through it and it will calm you down. Try some gentle Yoga exercises that also help the breathing and when you can breath in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly for a few times counting 5 in and 7 out.

Whatever you do, DO NOT Google your Symptoms. This will drive you crazy and make your Anxiety worse.

The other good thing for Anxiety is gentle exercise. Walking is very good, some light gardening. drawing and Painting is very good for relaxation as well. I also booked with someone to have a Massage, which helped me a lot.

This is going to take time and a day seems so long when you feel like this and you will continually think there is something serious wrong with you.

Lastly, this Site is very good to chat and discuss your feelings and worries and there will be many people that can give you good advice.
Keep Strong and you will be OK:hugs::hugs:

14-06-14, 03:12
Thank you for your encouragement, I have seen a therapist twice now, obviously I need to keep going I was feeling better and cancelled my appointment. I was going to call and set one up just this morning. I will on Monday. I wish I could have seen her today. I wish I could see her every day.
I was having such a bad morning, I had a good talk with my husband when he woke up it helped me. He is a good listener even though I know or can tell when he's had enough. It's usually just once a day.

Daisy Sue
14-06-14, 05:13
I absolutely agree with everything Carnation said above, especially the relaxation part... having 30 mins lying on my bed with a tape playing, doing breathing and relaxation exercises, every single day, was one of my most powerful tools in helping me get better when my panic and anxiety were intolerable - I lived my life in a cloud of fear and symptoms, and got out of it with CBT - the daily 30 mins relaxation was on my therapist's advice, and I felt nervous and stupid doing it the first couple of times... after that I really started to relax and let go, let it work, and it made a massive difference.

When you say you wish you could see your therapist every day, I totally remember feeling like that back then, but honestly if you do relaxation every day, it's as powerful as having a therapy session.

11-06-16, 17:46
Are the muscle twitches from anxiety? My therapist said that the tingeling is caused by anxiety. Anyone else do this?

I have had twitches for a few years it can be caused by lack of magnesium I think. It used to freak me out but now I just ignore it

21-03-21, 22:19
How are you these days? I came across this thread as having similar issues. Did you get better I hope so x