View Full Version : Do i have a brain tumor?? Help!

14-06-14, 14:13
Hi guys,
Two summers ago, I began to have headaches on the top left side of my head. That summer I went to two doctors, one being a neurologist and my pediatrician, but they said I was fine and didn't have a tumor. Then my school year started and my headaches went away but that spot was still a bit tender. The following summer my headaches began again, I didn't go to a doctor again, but I was freaking out about a brain tumor and then the school year started and my headaches went away but again, there was still a bit of tenderness. Now my summer has started again, and here I am with those localized headaches on the top left side of my head. I have a history of being a hypochondriac for a long time but I am seriously afraid I have a brain tumor! I am a 15 year old male. PLEASE HELP!

25-10-14, 19:20
get a brain scan

26-10-14, 18:26
Are you getting any visual disturbances?

16-12-14, 21:40
You would need to get diagnosed as we cannot do that :)
I had BT fears many times. Four years ago I had a headache (one sided) for a year. I had a clear MRI, it went away, and now they are back (same side).
It being one-sided for some reason, to me that was "the sign" of a BT. In all actuality, there are many other symptoms associated with them and I did not have those. I have been seeing a neurologist since this March who does an examination each time, and everything has been fine. I still have chronic headaches but its not uncommon. If you have a BT, your symptoms will typically get worse. Health anxiety can cause a lot of symptoms in its own; I have convinced myself I was dying during many a panic attack.
Headaches can be caused by SO many things so try to narrow it down. Food allergies, lack of sleep, stress, sinus issues, ear infections, poor eye sight, jaw tightness, back/neck tension, poor posture etc.etc. Don't over-medicate on pain-killers or else you run the risk of getting rebound headaches (which are horrible).

11-06-16, 17:56
If the neurologist has tested you it should be fine