View Full Version : Anafranil(Clomipramine) For Panic And Anxiety?

23-06-14, 00:33
Has anyone ever taken Anafranil for panic disorder and GAD? If so, did it work well? I'm currently on 60mg of prozac and 1mg of Abilify. I believe the Prozac has pretty much done everything it can and the Abilify is making me extremely restless and anxious(to the point of panic). My pdoc discussed possibly switching to Anafranil as I have a pretty bad case of pure-o as well. I'm just at a loss on which direction to go next with my meds. I've thought about going back to Zoloft(which worked over 10yrs ago), try something completely new to the market(possibly Brintellix), or go with a TCA such as Anafranil. I've been on quite a few SSRIs(which most have worked) and one SNRI(Cymbalta). The Cymbalta worked as well, but eventually started losing it's effectiveness. Any thoughts or advice is greatly welcomed! Thanks!

29-06-14, 12:38
What are you taking the Abilify for? It sounds like its doing you more harm than good - what you are experiencing sounds like akathisia - where you cannot keep still and have feelings of impending doom.

Clomipramine is a great medication for OCD - pretty much the 'gold standard' in its treatment. It does, however, come with a very long list of side effects - you'll expect to have a dry mouth, feel sedated all the time, blurred vision, cognitive difficulties, etc etc, but some of these will wear off. I tried it for 9 days but had to stop because of the side effects (mainly visual and GI) - however, as I'm having a hard time on my current meds (anxiety, agitation and akathisia) I'm kind of tempted to go back to it...

01-07-14, 12:23
I am on Clomipramine, at the moment about 40mg with my doc wanting me to go to at least 50 which I am not keen on doing, which is more being afraid about taking meds thatn anything else. I have been on them over a year and I was down to 10mg but I started feeling tired with no motivation so doc said lets try going up rather than down on them.
They work for me, my thoughts are more positive. The side effects for me at the beginning were minimal but that could have been because I was so ill that nothing could have been as bad as the symptoms I was already having.
They do give me bad constipation and now I am going back up on them, I have noticed dry mouth and I am tired a lot but then I was before, so not really sure if that is me or the tabs.
I have tried a few ssri's but they really don't agree with me and made me feel worse and not better, I have been on lofepramine which is another tca but clomipramine has been much better.