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26-06-14, 16:48
Hi I am on amitriptyline and I am not sure y the doc prescribed it to me I think it was to help me sleep but it isn't working. I have decided not to take them any more so do I go back to my gp and tell them I don't wanna take them no more

26-06-14, 16:56
My neighbour takes Amitriptyline for pain relief and depression..it is worth seeing your doctor again so you can discuss other medication :)

26-06-14, 22:00
Thanks booboo

19-11-14, 20:25
Amitrip acted like a sedative to me; I took it at night and would be knocked out. However, my dosage was increased from 25mg to 100 so you may not be taking enough. However, it takes awhile to work-up to 6 weeks even so don't give up on it yet. If after about 2 months you are still the same, go back and either get a higher dosage or a different drug. If you stop taking it early you will never know if it may actually be the drug for you to help with sleep.