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28-06-14, 06:20
Hi guys as some of you know I have had a few weird symtoms for a few months such as headaches, weak feeling wrist, twitching right eye and occasional buzzing ears (mainly at night when tired or after waking) I have had a CT scan which came back clear and my headaches have nearly dissapeared with only a quick occasional twinge. My concern is my wrist. Many docs have conducted strength test and all back ok but it is sometimes quite shakey and trembly and aches and feels uncomfortable when resting up my forearm. If held in certain positions with slight pressure it can tremor slightly bit full use/pressure is fine. It is not weak just feels week and is shakey and uncomfortable at times. Seems worse when tired. Could this and my eye lid twitch of a few weeks be early stages of als/mnd. I am 28 yr old male very healthy before all this started 2/3 months ago. Was suffering stress and anxiety but am much better with that now. Thanks

28-06-14, 11:03
Absolutely not.

With motor neurone diseases it would not get better or worse according to how tired you are. Weakness is progressive: one day you can lift a kettle, the next day you can't, then you never can again. Weakness is clinical, I.e. your doctor can measure it easily.

The twitches in ALS/MND aren't twitches, they're fasciculations caused by the nerve ending dying. Once it's dead you have one less motor neurone, and a little less control of that body part. Notably in almost all cases in terms of disease progression the clinical weakness precedes the fasciculations by a long time, ordinarily by months or a couple of years.

Motor Neurone Diseases always start in one limb initially, usually a hand or foot, and spreads to the rest of that limb. Because you have weakness in one limb and twitching in another this would be inconsistent with ALS/MND.

You're far too young to have ALS/MND. The condition you're describing sounds very much like BFS, which is only ever caused by stress/anxiety.

28-06-14, 17:36
I was scrolling down and saw your post and just had to respond.

I had the same fear 10 years ago. I twitch a LOT. I went through horrible tests because I was sure I had ALS. I didn't. It's called BFS. It's caused by stress.

I know it is easier said than done, but don't worry. You do not have ALS. ((HUGS))