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03-07-14, 07:24

Just wondered has anyone had any experience with this medication for HA? My doctor has said he's going to switch me over as Fluoxetine isn't doing anything for my anxiety/ha anymore. He said it's the best medication for treating HA.

As usual it comes with a never ending list of side effects like all these meds but I just wondered if anyone here had used it and if so did it help?


06-07-14, 03:10
I was on it for 11 days. It was probably the worst med I've tried for side effects - dizziness, blurred vision, GI disturbances, delayed ejaculation, that kind of thing. I should have given it more time though. Tricyclic medications are less 'agitating' than SSRIs because they hit different receptors which can either be a good or a bad thing. You will probably find it to be far more sedating than fluoxetine.

I'm still trying to stabilise on citalopram myself (I have developed agitation/akathisia this time around) but would definitely try this med again - despite the side effects - and give it more time. A lot of the side effects fade over time anyway.

06-07-14, 12:16
Hi Emyphyrio

Thanks for the reply.

So far I'm on day three of treatment The doctor prescribed 75mg daily because it was the only dosage he could get hold off but said that he would have preferred for me to start on 25mg and see how I went due to side effects.

So I bought a pill cutter and have cut the tablets in three as I seem to be quite prone to side effects and thought 75mg might have been quite high to start on.

So far ok, I do feel calmer and seem to be more sleepy, I've also found headaches occur a few hours after taking the tablet and then go off.

Having said that I stopped Fluoxetine just under a week ago so I could start this drug so the headaches could be due to the withdrawal of that rather than the Clomipramine.

I'm going to give it a few weeks and see how I feel. I just really need something to get my anxiety under control and hope this will be the key!

thanks for the reply :)