View Full Version : Rapid and heavy heartbeat/exhaustion over last few days.. (18 weeks pregnant)

06-07-14, 16:19
Hi everyone,

My situation is that I'm 18 weeks pregnant and over this last few days I've started getting a super hard and fast heartbeat. Sometimes faster than other times. Before I was sleeping in bed and I think it must have sped up suddenly and woke me up.
I am also coming off citalopram. I was doing fine with no real withdrawal symptoms -and have got down to 5mg every couple days (was on 30mg -started tapering in March) However this heartbeat thing makes me anxious.. so I don't know whether it's to do with withdrawal as well or if it's normal pregnancy symptoms.
Planning to go docs this week but has anyone got any thoughts on this?

Catherine S
06-07-14, 18:51
Yes its normal for this to happen during pregnancy because your body is working harder and there is an increase in blood volume, also a surge in hormones can play a part too. My youngest is in her 20's now but I can still remember this happening when I was pregnant with her, and the missed beats and flutters got alot worse then too.