View Full Version : Doctor Wished to prescribe Duloxetin

16-07-14, 11:44
Hi everyone, been off the site for a long while now. I have had a recent upsurge in stress and anxiety, kicking off my OCD which I have at points as well. I spoke to the doctor and he wishes to place me on duloxetine which I refused due to my previous experience with other SSRI's (prozac, paxil, citalopram). I found all of the medications to be flattening in terms of motivation and emotional understanding.

I discussed the possibility of trying pregabalin, but doctor steadfastly refused as there is the potential for addiction and there is a history of "abuse" in the local community (estate).

He asked me to think about the use of the duloxetine and come back to him. Has anyone found this drug to be detrimental in terms of focus, memory and motivation ?. I have found that all the other drugs "helped", but only in terms of not caring about anything and I suppose that is better for some people than feeling depressed all the time.

12-08-14, 21:51
Hi there, I'm on duloxetine 60mg once a day and it has helped me enormously. I had only partial response with fluoxetine and escitalopram. Mirtazapine made me feel suicidal. Duloxetine has really helped and to be honest makes me feel more motivated and alive than I have for a long time.
Hope this helps.
Good luck, Jingo