View Full Version : mirt to clomipramine and tips or anything to watch out for

18-07-14, 16:20
Hi just starting this today after being on mirt....

Would like to hear others stories on this med please xx

25-07-14, 20:41
Hi Cookie I'm 3 weeks on Clomipramine today my mood is a lot better and I'm feeling generally more positive about everything but I am suffering with the most horrendous sweating and a dry mouth.

Apart from that I've found it to be ok.

I'm going to try and stick it out a bit longer in the hope these symptoms subside but if not I think I'm going to have to come off it.:weep:

Hope it works for you.

26-07-14, 19:36
Hey hun thanks for reply....I didn't start taking it straight away wanted to read up about it first so only started taking it on the 23rd Wednesday....

I put a lot of weight on with mirt and needed to read about these side effects(others I can handle but no weight gain)....

I've actually lost weight since taking them....

I've found them a lot better than mirt as I'm not as sedated even find things feeling faster inside(not in a bad way) wanting to do stuff instead of sleeping all day....I've found sweating bad but not unbearable....

Let me know how you get on xxx