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11-08-04, 13:55
I have a phobia of being sick which leads to huge panic attacks. About 3 years ago I started taking paroxetine, and had no side effects that I can recall. However, I stopped taking the drug successfully, but recently my panics reemerged. I decided to go back onto Paroxetine, but this time I have developed a fear of the nausea related to starting paroxetine.

The fact is I cant remember if I felt nauseaus when starting paroxetine last time, but even if I did, it cant of been a major concern because I remember feeling positive about starting, excited even.

I started taking them on Sunday, and have had panics every day since, and has forced me to stay at home. I felt sick, but I have no way of knowing if its real or part of my panic induced bulls**t. However, when I took 2-5mg of benzos, all the nausea reduced. Plus, instead of the 20mg paroxetine prescribed, Ive started on 10mg to try and help.

Anyway, here's the questions. Firstly, will reducing the starting dose to 10mg be beneficial? Reducing when coming off them really works, so why not starting?

Secondly, if the nausea is real, how long should it last after starting paroxetine? I dont want to be devilitated like this for too long.

Thirdly, how irrational is my fear of actually being sick? I think its probably completely irrational since the last time I took them for 3 years and was never sick or nauseaus.

SOme advice please...

11-08-04, 14:07
Hi, I'm Tara and I can totally relate to your fear of being sich as have it to. I will do anything not to be sick and have once suffered for 10 days knowing that I needed to be sick but I JUST WOULDN'T. I also panic at the thought of being sick, so it's not irrational coz I got it too. Although if someone else needs to be sick i i'm totally calm and it doesn't bother me at all in fact i am the first to help them although they probably don't need help its just me thinking they do LOL. As for the paroxetine i really don't know much about them but i'm sure that are many people on here that do. Take Care Taraxxx

11-08-04, 14:39

it is common to feel nauseous whilst starting SSRI's - I did for about 4 days but I got something from my doctor called Stemetil which helped. I have never heard of anyone actually being sick though so dont worry too much.


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