View Full Version : How long before bed to take olanzapine?

27-07-14, 02:13
I've been prescribed the lowest dose of olanzapine (2.5mg). I can find all sorts of information on it, and I know it takes several days to start taking effect, but I'm wondering then, at that point, how long does it take to start getting drowsy? I'm taking it to aid sleep, and so far it seems to take about two hours before it's at its peak.

27-07-14, 07:54
I take 5ml of Olanzapine about half an hour before bedtime.
I take it with mirtazapine,so not quite the same as you,but I am usually asleep within an hour of taking.
Hope this helps :)

27-07-14, 14:13
Thanks :) That does help, and I appreciate the response. I'm hearing a lot of negativity about the drug when I ask questions, so your feedback is especially useful and welcome.

09-08-14, 10:11
Hi Iv been on olanzipine for many months now.when i first starting taking it,i took it about half hr before bed and i felt tired.now i take about hr before bed.it helps me drift of and stay asleep.i dont get that tired feeling from it anymore but it certainly helps me to fall asleep and stay asleep.i suffered real bad insomnia before i had this drug.it has changed my life for sleeping.i take 5mg at night.

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oh and one more thing.i found it makes you more hungry so watch that as you will gain weight.after a few months the urge to want to eat more all the time has worn off..the weight gain is from over eating.but asvi say that will fade after a while.

09-08-14, 10:37
I take it around 9 every night,it helps me stay asleep rather than waking at 3-4 in the morning
I've put on a lot of weight from it but other than that no other side effects

09-08-14, 10:40
I take 5ml about half an hour before bed and its helped me loads with anxiety and getting a good nights sleep :)