View Full Version : Has anyone from the UK been prescribed Buspar? (long term)

28-07-14, 22:06
Hi just wondering if anyone from the UK is on or has been prescribed Buspar (buspirone) for long term use? I read that for the UK its only used as short term treatment for anxiety.

As I suffer badly from anxiety and was prescribed Pregabalin last year. Went up to the maximum dose but didn't really like it as I think it was the cause of the tummy bugs I kept getting and I couldn't think properly at times.

I am thinking of asking the doctor about Buspar but would like to see if anyone from the UK is taking it first. I just hate asking the doctor to prescribe me with medication for my anxiety. it's not something i'm comfortable talking about, especially if they refuse my requests. thanks

31-07-14, 00:29
Its quite silly how buspirone is only licensed for short term use in the UK. It isn't like diazepam where it kicks in suddenly - generally you need to take it for a week or two before it starts having an effect.

It does seem to be one of those meds that doesn't really do much though from what I've read. Can't help to ask about it though. But as to your question - no I don't know of anyone who has been prescribed it long or short term in the UK - but I do think some people on these forums have been given it in the past.

01-08-14, 13:46
I am from Canada and have been on Buspar for about a month now and feel I might as well be taking a sugar pill. Has done absolutely nothing, no side effects, and no improvement. Can't see it taking more than a month to kick in, but going to keep taking it for a while to see what happens anyway.

01-08-14, 15:16
I am from Canada and have been on Buspar for about a month now and feel I might as well be taking a sugar pill. Has done absolutely nothing, no side effects, and no improvement. Can't see it taking more than a month to kick in, but going to keep taking it for a while to see what happens anyway.

I'm pretty sure the most common complaint with Buspar is that it simply doesn't work! On the plus side it might be worth trying because it has so few side effects and is very safe overall.

OP I think you need to be upfront with your doctor, if your anxiety is bad enough to need medication then asking for medication is nothing to be embarrassed about. The doctor will only refuse to prescribe a medication if they feel it is unsafe or inappropriate.

Pieter Bruinsma
01-09-15, 12:59
I am currently taking Buspirone. At first I was given a 5mg dose twice a day but it had very little effect. I soon after attempted to take my own life through my depression. It was through the intervention of the mental health team that they noticed that although a 5mg dose would in many situations be a suitable dosage for the regular person, a man of my size and stature would need a higher dose to be as effective. I am now on 10mg and the results are instant...well within 20mins or so of taking the meds. They are calming and have gave me a new lease on life. Before I was scared to even go the supermarket, now I can control those anxieties with the meds.

For me personally it has been a blessing.

04-09-15, 21:50
I lasted about 10 days on buspirone. My anxiety came back as bad as ever, but it was because I'd come off a drug that was working (although I only found how well it had been working when I stopped it), and if buspirone takes weeks to kick in I couldn't wait that long.

I've been prescribed it again to try alongside my usual AD (amitriptyline) but I'm waiting a while before I give it another try.

To be fair though most ADs I've been on (12 or so at the last count, took weeks to take full effect - apart from pregabalin but that's not an AD of course).

From the experience of the others here and myself, I think the worst case scenario is that it does nothing, but on the plus side I suppose, the side effects are generally mild (everyone's chemistry is different of course).


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For me personally it has been a blessing.
Happy to see a success story for this drug. Glad it works well for you.

18-07-17, 12:20
I was prescribed 5mg Buspar for short term use and even though I've only had two doses so far it's been working miracles for me. It takes a little time to work but when it does I feel very soothed and calm, maybe a little sleepy!

I know this is early days but I'm wondering if there's any way to have Buspar prescribed for long term? I've never felt so calm and I'm terrified that when my
prescription runs out I'll be back to constantly terrified and exhausted!

27-07-17, 07:06
It's only licenced for short term use on the basis it's lacking clinical evidence in long term use. Later generics tend to piggyback earlier licences so even if evidence is now available, somebody needs to request the additional licencing.

I've come across people using it long term in the UK but it was a psychiatrist who was prescribing. They can off label as they need to.

05-09-17, 14:46
i have taken this medication in the past, actually the only medication i have been prescribed to me and it did nothing, i stated out with 5 mg daily for the first 2 weeks then bumped up to 15 mg twice a day after that at it did nothing for me. In total i was on this medication for about 1 year and had to steadily increase the medication due to my "anxiety" getting worse, come to find out the medication was making me worse and not helping at all.

05-09-17, 15:40
This is a old thread folks but guess some new posts are keeping it going ;) Cheers

18-04-19, 12:03
Anxiety was eating me alive! Finally I took buspar and started with 7.5 mg twice a day. I feel so much better! I'm sleeping like a log now because anxiety is not keeping me awake or waking me up. I do feel hot and a little shaky about 20 minutes after I take it but it don't last very long, maybe 30 minutes. I'm also losing some much needed weight. Probably because I'm not eating at night since I'm actually sleeping through the night for the first time in my life! This stuff changed my life for the better!
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