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30-07-14, 00:27
So I went for my shoulder MRI this morning, finally, and I am so happy and relieved to say I think I hit on a little wee something that honestly helped me and may just help you, and (probably) won't hurt to try!

I remember going for an MRI years ago and panicking in the middle of it, but making it through to the end. Really important here in Canada, with wait lists that are always months long, to not "squeeze that ball" if you can possibly stand it for the time it takes for the scan to be done. (The "ball"/button, for anyone who hasn't had an MRI, is a call button to the technicians monitoring, who will immediately whisk you right out again if you feel you need to stop the scan.) That in itself is a reassurance, and had a lot to do with me giving it a whirl the first time. Just knowing that I could come back out any time I wanted!

Still though, I wanted to feel better going through it this time. I considered asking my doctor for a one-off valium tablet, but the more I thought about it, the more I knew it wasn't for me. I'd be on my own, have to take a cab to the hospital so I could take a cab home, where I would be alone and not feeling in control. And if I had to nap because of it, then it would mess up my sleep schedule, it's that touchy :wacko: Unless I'm sick, when if I sleep during the day it's a good thing!

Anyway, I have known for awhile now that physical symptoms can really snowball on me, and exacerbate anxiety. It's like my brain subconsciously starts the symptoms, but it is only when they roll on out that it goes "wait a minute, she's anxious! :scared15: OMG, there must be a reason for it!! And then and only then, do I truly get over-anxious. I mean, claustrophobia doesn't help, but I now think that the times when I panic are triggered at least in part by the beginnings of physical symptoms of anxiety, and if I can take control by offsetting those a little, it can stop the snowball effect!

Last time I wasn't prepared for the loud noises the machine makes, and I remember feeling my mouth go dry and then getting that fight or flight response (although my legs always go like jelly at that point, so I can do neither, ha ha!) So this time I brought a bottle of water with me and sipped at it after being brought from the waiting room (used the bathroom once I had changed!). I took a final couple of sips of water and fished a cough candy out of my purse and popped it in my mouth just as the tech came to fetch me. I seriously think it made all the difference this time. I was kind of caught up in the taste of the candy and sucking it while the machine whirred away, and with no dry mouth, my brain didn't respond with the panicky feelings. Woo-hoo! :yahoo: I actually listened to the talk show on the radio headphones they gave me (as best I could hear over the whirring, lol!) and before I knew it, they were saying it was done and they were coming right in to help me up.

What a relief to know I don't have to dread getting another one done if needs be sometime. As for my shoulder, the results will be back in a couple of weeks, but I kind of figure that in the more than 5 months Ive been waiting to get this scan set up, it will have healed, lol! :roflmao:

Good luck anyone else waiting for testing or results! xx

Catherine S
30-07-14, 12:57
I dread ever having to have this done being severly claustrophobic. My brother has had one or two MRIs and he takes the sedation option, however he once travelled to another hospital somewhere to have a scan in an open-sided machine which sounded like a sunbed when he explained it, and said apart from the couple of hours to get there and back was a better experience. I must ask him about it again as this was a few years ago now and have forgotten where it was. Apparently there are only one or two of this type of machine in the UK.


30-07-14, 17:20
Ohhh, I know I'd travel hundreds of miles for that open option! My sister just takes a Valium and brings her own music into it and cranks it up, but where she goes they will pull you out and wait til you feel better and let you continue. Here, it is one patient after another. If you come out, you're not going back in. Back to the back of the bus. :'( Knowing that helped me hang on, but yeah, the first time I was a shaking bath of sweat. I sympathize completely. If you need one again, make a "vacation" out of it, hey, and go for the one your brother had! xx
Marie :hugs:

10-08-14, 18:58
I had an open MRI on my back a couple of years ago trouble with the open ones here it wasn't clear enough for the spinal surgeon so I did end up having another MRI last year but was in a new machine very airy very short bright an my head was only just on the entrance so if I looked up I could see the ceiling of the room instead of the inside of the machine so it was ok would have that again if I had to.